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did something stupid today

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by morgana11, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. OK so I left a post christmas because of being bullied, took a compromise agreement and signed up with 2 agencies (this was unbelieveable hassle, needed loads of stuff) anyway the first agency got me work straight away for a whole week, felt really encouraged, then the work stopped and I didn't know what was going on this was when I signed up with second agency it was horrible going into their office it took me ages to find right in liverpool city centre and cost me to go in, anyway didn't hear from them and this was a month ago, starting to panic big time about money then get a call this morning at 8 o clock (Bear in mind I haven't heard from either agency for a month now!!) they want me to get to school by 8:45 I said I'd be there as soon as possible they ring back and ring back i said I was in the shower they said they've told school am having car trouble as they didn't want to say I was ages getting ready!!
    got lost finding the school turns out I was only needed for 9 o clock anyway so was panicked and tearful with no need. couldn't get kids quiet, opnely laughed at and defied, one girl says to me i'm not staying in with you i said you're on detention and she shoved past me!! did two more cover lessons which weren't that bad.
    anyway here's, that stupid thing I did. I didn't have any lunch with me and hadn't had any breakfast so was really starving and I didn't want to go into school canteens (have never, since i was at school myself) so went out to find a sandwich shop or something and am so embarrassed to admit i got lost. I still cringe when i think how stupid it sounds, but the school was on the edge of a housing estate and i know it's stupid again but i can't honestly remember even whatthe school was called - ok the sensible thing would have been to called the agency, asked and got directions, i realise that now, but with no credit on my phone ihad to find a call box and after driving around i was so flustered, tearful and had such a horrible morning I realised I was closer to home than the school so just retreated.
    agency just rang me, I lied and said my car broke down, stupid as they "why didn't you call" question came in. they are really angry and so are the school, I am so stupid.
  2. Oh no. I bet you feel terrible! What a nightmare situation. So learn - always have credit on your phone and the battery charged, be ready every day with sandwiches made the night before in case you get the call, have an A to Z, write down name, address and phone number of school, if possible invest in a Satnav. I expect you are saying all these things to yourself, you don't need anyone on here to tell you! It's understandable, when you haven't been called for ages that you were not prepared :)Meanwhile, don't depend on getting any calls from that particular agency and sign up with another. Best wishes.
  3. i haven't worked since mid january and so have no money for credit on my phone, I definitely can't afford a satnav!
    will I hae been blacklisted by agencies? I'm getting no work from the other agency either and am seriously stressed and have already missed a mortgage payment.
  4. I don't see why you would be blacklisted by agencies. It's only the one agency who might cross your name off the list! They aren't going to tell any others because they are in competition with them. I think it's essential you have credit on your phone. If you only use it to contact schools and agencies it should last a long time.
  5. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    You clearly have internet access, you could use Bing maps for directions, thats what I do.
    Also for new schools I print off contact details from their website so I have an address and phone number.
  6. lrw22

    lrw22 Established commenter

    I do a packed lunch the night before even if I'm not booked for the following day that way I don't have to go out in a strange area looking for food. If I don't get any work it doesn't matter I can still eat the packed lunch.
    I had a pay as you go phone but when I started on supply I went on to a contract so that I would never run out of credit. I generally charge it every night so it never goes flat on me.
  7. yeah me too, I found it ok (just about) but it was when I went out at lunch i got lost and got so flustered.
    i only got the call in the morning, no time for that!!
    really cannot afford credit on my phone, the mortgage even hasn't been paid. worried sick.
  8. A friend of mine has a poster in her kitchen which says "Experience is what you get right after you needed it." So true in your case. From now on I'm guessing you'll always have an A-Z map with you, have a packed lunch ready to go, and write the school's name and address down when you get the call. You should talk to your mortgage provider about taking a payment holiday, and talk to CAB or job centre about getting help. Maybe look for an evening/weekend job to help keep you going - easier said than done in the current climate I know. But don't beat yourself up, we have all made stupid mistakes and survived to laugh at them!
  9. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You can sign on for JSA but will have to disclose that you resigned from your last job. They can impose a disallowance of JSA for up to 26 weeks but you have the opportunity to explain the reasons why you left and may have any disallowance overturned.
    Also, a disallowance may be for just 6 weeks or so and you have already served that time since leaving the job so would probably qualify for Income Based JSA straight away as long as you don't have a partner who works 24hrs + per week.
    Income Based pays you a Personal Allowance for food/electricity etc and help with rent or mortgage interest. You also get Council Tax relief and free NHS services.
    If you get Income Based JSA, it's not worth your while taking odd days of work as the earnings will just reduce your benefits £ for £ and the help with rent/mortgage will be messed up. Hold out for longer term work that will leave you better off than on Benefits.
    As for getting to schools, you need a good A-Z and shoudl locate as many schools as you can (look at Council Website for schools and their addresses. Plan a route for each school. I know how to get to most of the Secondary schools in Lancashire. My old diaries detail the exit junction on the mororway, the milage and the time it takes it takes. I can then tell the agency when I expect to arrive at the school to within 5 or 10 minutes. I don't even consult my diary now; I just know where I'm going.
    An A-Z also has a symbol and the word School so you'd be able to locate your position (at the shops) and see where nearby schools are. When you take the details of the school from the agency, leave the slip of paper in the car so that you don't forget again.
    You should be getting more calls than people like me (top of payscale) so should be up and showered by 7.30. Have work clothes laid out the night before and get dressede when the call comes (5 minutes max). Have lunch prepared in the fridge and fruit, biscuits, cold drink ready in your bag. Keep muesli bars etc in the car as emergency rations if you don't have time for breakfast.
    Use the school canteen in future if you don't have any supplies. It's cheaper than the shops and you won't be wasting petrol and getting lost.
  10. hmm, I can't say i ever remember leaving my last school at lunch time and not going back [​IMG]
    I actually think that post is worse than anything i did, at least mine was a mistake, albeit a silly one - your post was just deliberately unpleasant.
    I accepted a CA because of a bullying situation, it is fairly common unfortunately.
    Jubilee - I didn't want to get any lunch in the canteen because the kids were like animals, I don't like going into any secondary school canteen, never have done, after my own experiences at school, and particularly not this one. I can't claim job seekers because I do have another job (evenings and weekends) at a restaurant as after the first week it was obvious I couldn't rely on supply.
    Got another job with a start in easter now! Phew what a relief, just have to try and get through the next 2 months [​IMG]
  11. It can be frustrating and challenging going to a new educational environment as a stand-in, perhaps feeling overwhelmed (or even threatened?) by it. Personally, I would at least see the day through and put it down to experience. Anyone who works/has ever worked at a school with great behaviour and resources knows how lucky they are or has never been in a situation where they've seen the other end of the spectrum. But, regardless of that signing up for an agency or a post is generally accepting that potentially one could be placed in a school with behaviour issues. As professionals we have to try to get on with it. And, if it doesn't work... .
  12. The pet one around here for a couple of years, as they merged lots of infant and junior schools under new names, was not to update the names on the computer system - send you to St Obsolete's Juniors at X address and leave you circling St Shiny-New Primary Upper-Site for a good few minutes of headscratching till you figured out the initiative test and twigged! I've actually rang the agency before and said things like "look, can you just stick in the notes that the carpark for this school is actually on X street in case people are sat-navving it up" to try to make it easier for other people.
    My first day on supply the head chirpily commented at lunchtime, "Oh, you're still here then"... since found out that mid-day disappearances were a fairly regular event for their supply teachers - and exactly WHY people walk at lunchtime to be honest!
  13. I definitely did not walk out! It was a fairly short lunch break (35 mins) and I just got myself really, really confused, then panicked, then really tearful and upset when I couldn't find the school again, after about 30 minutes it was already 20 minutes into the last lesson so I just went home crying, it wasn't like I thought oh well never mind suppose I won't bother then.
    to be honest the school didn't get that bad a deal. I was there 4 out of the 5 lessons and I haven't been paid for that day (don't really expect to be) so yes it shouldn't have happened and maybe it was my fault for not having everything bang ready but really did not expect a phone call from this agency (who have never contacted me) left in a mad rush, found the school on time but then got really confused at lunch.
    the weird thing is, I went back this afternoon (not to the school but I needed to get out) and decided to see what had happened and when I wasn't in a panic I could see where I went wrong as there were loads of mini roundabouts and I took a left at the one before the one I should have which led into a virtually identical housing estate and that was how I got lost.
    so just to reiterate I did not do it on purpose!
    so glad I won't have to do supply for much longer though as I do find driving and getting lost really stressful when I have pressure to be somewhere at a certain time and I don't have much time, I normally allow myself loads of extra time because of this but obviously when on supply you can't always do that.
    so fresh start soon then hey!
  14. Ronson

    Ronson New commenter

    I nearly did this once! I actually went out to get a sandwich, walking, but got lost on the estate! I was panicking but fortunately ran into a local who directed me back to the school! I got back with ten minutes to spare. Since then I stay in the school unless I went past the shop driving to school and know it's close. Hope things work out for you.
  15. Don't beat yourself up to much about this as we all have bad days. I always take some sort of packed lunch with me even if it's like this past Tuesday where I took a tin of heinz spag bol and a piece of bread. Most staffrooms have microwaves.
  16. Veruka

    Veruka New commenter

    Glad to hear you have another job Morgana, and just remember you are only human and so is everyone on this forum ! You sound a bit like me. I tend to beat myself up a lot whenever I make a stupid mistake. We have to try to be more like other people who brush these things off and keep going (or pretend it didn't happen!)
    Easier said than done as the expression goes. [​IMG]

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