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Did I breach my contract as a supply Teacher?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by bethany2009, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. I am registered with two agencies and had a day's work of supply in advance. I have been looking for long term supply and was recently offered that opportunity which meant that I had to cancel the one day from the other agency so that I can do the long term supply. I informed the agency three working days in advance but the agency was not happy and constantly stated I should stick to working on that day since I had agreed to do it. I had initially informed the agency that I was looking for long term or something consistent and if the opportunity comes along I would take it. When I refused to do the one day which I asked to cancel, the agency informed me that the other work wich I was booked will also be cancelled. Did I do anything wrong here? Should I have refused the long term work in order to work one day only because I had taken it in advance? What would you have done?
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You were up front with the agency at the outset and you gave them plenty of notice. Agencies and schools often cancel bookings with just 24 hours notice (or even on the morning of the work).
    Your contract will almost certainly state 24 hours notice on both parties.
    Supply is getting so cut-throat that you just need to look out for your best financial interests.
  3. No, you have to do what's right for you and you need the long term work. You gave them 3 days notice, that is plenty of time for them to put someone else in. They wouldn't hesitate to cancel you at shorter notice than that if it suited. Don't feel guilty. Enjoy your longer term post.
  4. Thank you very much for the reassurance. The agency even said they were going to call the school I will be going to, and let them know that I am not available to work on that particular day. Imagine.
  5. God I hate it when they push to find this out - I'm unavailable, I've rang you to save you a pointless time-waste of YOUR time call at 8am when you're trying to fill last minute stuff, I don't want the smegging Spanish Inquisition about what and when and where I'm doing it.
    I've taken to telling them I'm going to see the doctor about my piles - that gets their inquisitiveness knocked into check sharpish!
    I've cancelled supply bookings on occasion - illness, car not starting, snow... never been any issues with it - however I've always had the personal rule that I honour the first offer of work made on a day - I've always told agencies that, yes I'm registered with multiples but I won't **** you around by cancelling on you if I get a better offer - so please don't **** me around in return - but I'm quite possibly too nice and not assertive enough!
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    "Sorry, I'm unavailable that day"
    "Oh, have you got work?"
    "In a school"
    "Which one?"
    "In York"
    That normally ends the conversation. Only one agency used to give me the 3rd degree.
  7. That level wasn't making this particular bunch take the hint!

    So the doctor one got used and the "I just don't fancy getting out of bed that morning so thought I'd book myself a lie-in" one and numerous other (fictitious) tooooo much information-esque ones and they finally took the hint and started minding their own business!
  8. Lesson learnt. Thank you so much.
  9. girlychemist

    girlychemist New commenter

    I had a similar experience with one and only one agency. I cancelled a week in advance so I could take a long term. The girl who'd booked me screamed down the phone at me and the Manager rang me demanding I appologise to the girl who'd done my booking for losing her the day commision.
    I erased their contact details from my phone and never went back!
  10. I think you acted courteously and it's completely understandable to any normal person why you'd want L-T work over a day-gig.
    I have to say that my agency have been fine on the several occasions I have phoned to cancel a booking I agreed to. Sometimes it has been for an interview, sometimes it has been for something frivolous, but they have assured me it's no problem and they can get someone else, etc.
    (However, I am still a bit mad with them about a phonecall I had last week. When I registered, I made it very clear I don't have a car and am reliant on public transport. Obviously this is going to limit the work I can take. They said that was no problem, they'd work around it, I'd been upfront and they took me on in the full knowledge of this, etc etc. Last week I had a call offering me work somewhere actually AGES away. It was 2 hours on buses, and this relied on every bus running completely to schedule. If I missed one connection, I would be an hour late to the school. I said I didn't think this was feasible and she said in this really exasperated tone, "Well, you REALLY need to buy a car, then, don't you?".)
    Ignore agency when they get pissy. [​IMG]

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