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Did anyone get a BFN followed by a BFP?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by antoniou, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Thought I'd try again, in for a penny and all that. Am now waiting for my pee to reach room temp do I can use an internet cheapy. I've got 3 of those left along with a first response and a clearblue digital (but will save that for confirmation). Thanks for the replies. It's nice to know that these tests aren't as accurate as they make out.
  2. I had a BFN two days before AF was due and then a BFP when she was three days late. I'd hang in there if I were you; wait until you're quite late and then POAS as it must be costing you a fortune. If you do it every day from now on you'll wear yourself out emotionally. Very best of luck x
  3. Oooh cross posted! I'm holding my breath and crossing my fingers for you x
  4. Oh and incidentally my BFN was with one of those first response tests that are meant to show up to 6 days before AF due! You don't say what cycle day you're on?
  5. I did! Had spotting at CD 25 and thought AF was early. That stopped then didn't get a BFP until 2 days late. Sadly my little bean left me the day after.
  6. Antonio, I've just posted something based on this on the ttc forum for you x
  7. Hi Antoniou,
    In the summer when i got pregnant I was on holiday in really remote area with no chemists within 1 1/2 hours driving. My period was 5 days late which has never ever happened before and was feeling desperate to know if I was or not. Went to local doctor and begged her to do a urine test, it was negative! Gutted. Got home from hol 3/4 days later and got a BFP.
    i hope so much this is it for you!!!! xx
  8. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    I had 3 bfn using internet cheapies. When I finally used a clear blue digital it was positive and said 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately it ended in mc. [​IMG]
    Fingers crossed for you. x x x
  9. What did the cheapie one say antoniou? Could be too early for them to work as other posters have said. If this one is negative I would leave it a few days until you do another one unless your symptoms change - like clematis (I think?) said it is emotionally exhausting xx
  10. Hi Antoniou,
    I had BFN before BFP. Remember that on the tests there are percentages to show their reliability on specific days before AF and from all the ladies who are saying they had negatives before postives it seems quite common.
    Got my fingers crossed xx
  11. Another BFN. The internet tests I have are meant to be the ultra sensitive 10miu ones. Still no sign of AF and no symptoms. Let's see if I've got the willpower to wait till mid-week!
  12. elt92

    elt92 New commenter

    I used these and even when I did get a BFP the line on the cheap ones was hardly there. I took about a week for my bfp to show up on these and my cycles were all over the place, so not sure how many days past AF I was.
    Fingers crossed :)
  13. I tested v. early (9dpo) and got BFN with so-called ultra sensitive internet cheapies. Later the same day I did a First Response and got my BFP, the result of which is currently 11 weeks old and snoring on my shoulder!
    fingers crossed for you
  14. Over a course of a week, my friend had 7 BFN and then 1 BFP with the faintest line. She is now ready to drop at any time now.
    For me, mine was much clearer and got a few BFP. I always bought the cheap ones - some from poundland which was a pack of two and some from QD (or QS??) stores which was a pack of two as well. All were reliable for me. I will never pay for an expensive one.
  15. Yes me'! And then i had what i thought was AF but sort if instinctively knew I needed to do a test by day 3 ...
  16. [​IMG]No way! What were they? A bit of paper which said - go to your doctor and get a free one?
  17. I went to my doctor for a free one and she wouldn't give me one! Told me to wait another two weeks and do another one. That was after 3 negatives during the two weeks my period hadn't showed up. I was in such a fury my husband went off to buy more expensive ones and I got the positive that day. Still cross with that doc for being so unhelpful!
  18. Thought I'd bump this thread up!
    Having a bit of deja vou as the same is happening again! No spotting, but a lot more symptoms this time. Am on CD30 and tried a FRER test this morning, but BFN. Thought AF was on her way, but nothing as yet.
  19. ashlioct

    ashlioct New commenter

    I had a BFN at 7DPO (obviously...I just couldn't wait!) with a first response, followed by a BFP at 11 DPO. First Response are supposed to be 99% positive from 12DPO. HTHx
  20. Thanks for the reply ashlioct. I got a BFN yesterday at 11DPO (I think). AF due tomorrow, so will see what happens. It's reassuring to know these don't all work for everyone untill AF is late - maybe the amount of pregnancy hormaone varies from person to person?

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