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Diary of a Frazzled and unhappy teacher - the career change years.

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by zack2006, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. I am currently on holiday and love it. As long as I am away from school I am happy.

    Why? It's a case of square pegs and round holes. Me being a square peg.

    My problems started a few years ago. I had the line manager from hell and an unapproachable head teacher. The line manager from hell was a bully. By right I should have gone to the union and brought the little madam into line. But as a NQT struggling to get a job I didn't do anything for fear of my career ending.

    I completed the maternity contract and then struggled to find a post to complete the NQT year. I wasn't kept on because of falling numbers and the return of the post holder etc.

    I did supply teaching for some years and have had to apply for an extension to carry on teaching on supply.

    I landed some further contracts and am currently in a permanent post teaching year 3.

    I intend to keep this thread going more purposely for me to write something when I feel the need to. I am going to be changing careers and detailing how I am going to do it.

    If you wish to ask for advice or simple ask what I am doing to support myself whilst retrain, I will try and help.

    I know there are a few teachers out there and they are in the same boat as me. I hope we can help each other.

    Feel free to comment - sensible ones though.

  2. Please don't think this post is patronising. It's my therapy and my take on teaching.
  3. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    i think you will find most people are happier away from work .....
  4. I am sure every-one is happier away from work, but there is something wrong when you're throwing up before you go to work (and you're not pregnant).

    It was quiet at work today. I was the only one in. Sorting stuff out.

    Going to see the SLT on Monday to make an appointment to discuss my future. I was wondering if I could off load some of my responsibilities. I am not paid any extra for them and we have willing teachers at the beginning of their careers willing enough to take over.
  5. You might do better in another school where you are more settled?

    Alternatively retrain as a lawyer - that's where the money is :)

    Or become a dog handler in the police force - I always thought that would be cool :)
  6. I'm planning the same thing. Had enough for the time being, hoping to do supply while I retrain.
  7. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    I AM doing supply while I retrain...
  8. Law and accountacy are just like teaching. The hours are long. The some of the parents of the kids I teach are accountants.

    It's a case of this is how I am hoping to scale my time:

    January 2008 - research jobs, sort out financial barriers (mortgage etc), what qualifications I need etc.

    February 2008 - ring around local colleges for September start courses.

    March 2008 - look for jobs which would allow me to beable to go to college.

    April 2008 - write resignation letter and begin tying up loose ends.

    May hand in letter providing have another job.
    May latter - definitely hand in resignation letter.

    June, July & August 2008 usual stuff for school.

    Then freedom.

    We have an NQT who is very good but on a temp contract. She may be lucky enough to be made permanent. Well I say lucky - it's hell at the moment with all the LA people in.

  9. I think this is a great idea! I will keep your post in my hotlist and see how you are doing when you add new things etc.
    There are so many teachers that are unhappy in their jobs (usually only been teahing for a short amount of time also)- you only have to look on the different forums here and see how mnay ask for alternaties to teaching. I have thought of it on the odd occasion but think I have just not found the right school- I am now on the look out for a new job (only been in current one since Sept) and not going to apply for anything only something I really want in the right area.
    But would be good to hear what routes you are thinking of, what are your particular interests? Maybe this post could be something that many add to who are thinking of changing career and let us know how they are doing it, the processes etc.
  10. janemk and starpoppet what are you thinking of doing?
  11. Thanks. I should be happy though. I get married in november and am busy looking for my dress.

    I have been through the new school scenario 3 times. I won't settle anywhere.
  12. I am quite bad too though, this is my fourth job in four years! First school was special school (which really I should not have applied for- as I am an early yrs teacher) Then worked with nursery for 2 yrs which i did enjoy, then did maternity leave in horrible school for a term and now I am in a lovely school but don't get PPA time and am basically FS co-ord but don't get time or money for it! So that is why I am on the lookout!
    Good luck anyway, what careers are you thinking of?
  13. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    Lol, zack! I thought you were a bloke! I'm getting married in October (hopefully! - haven't booked it yet!)

    I'm retraining to be a counsellor, Suzy. In the middle of my second year of part time uni (one evening a week at present. Third and fourth year involve an afternoon + evening, plus 100 hours of clinical placement, plus 50 hors of personal counselling + supervision, so much more commitment time and money-wise for that).

  14. Good luck - a brave decision and one I am battling with too and have been for eighteen months.
    I have decided that I will have a work/life balance and refuse to do stuff that exhausts me. If it doesn't get done I don't care and will watch what happens. If my Head doesn't like it tough. Then I will review my feelings by Feb half term. If things are still tough then I will look for something else. Life is too short to be stuck in a hell hole. I am 37 and have worked out I could still get 20 or so years in a job that I would love.
  15. Life is too precious to be unhappy. I want my life back and want to be able to spend QT with my family. Having been off a fair bit last term, finally realised the job ain't worth it. I was happier working in retail.

    I'm still weighing up what I want to do, really interested in HR work though, found some courses I want to do. Just need to get some part-time supply or something to get out of hell, oops, the school I'm in.
  16. Sorrim

    Sorrim Occasional commenter

    I too will put this thread on my hotlist. Good luck zack in whatever you choose to do. I have decided to pack it all in after 30 years and after the last 2 years of hell, decided that life was too short and have decided to go on supply in the new year.
    Sorrim x
  17. skigirl

    skigirl New commenter

    zack - i feel exactly the same and just last week put a thread up to ask about how transferrable our skills are...

    I have reached the end of the enjoyment and like you have only done a few years - i need to feel happy at work especially when you spend so many hours there, i have been ill this entire holiday and am on a sick note for next week, i cant keep working at a job that makes me ill so much..

    what are you thinking about retraining as? I am stuck for ideas...

    Email me if you fancy a chat, i will hotlist this thread, good luck..


    s x
  18. Zack - good luck with your search! Sounds like an exciting year for you, new job, marriage.

    I am going for a career change as i have been unwell over the last few months. since making that decision, it feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

    I have already researched the jobs bit but will have to get work experience to build up contacts in the industry. Whilst i do this i will probably boost income with supply teaching.

    I know the drop in salary is going to hurt but the thought of teaching in 20 years hurts more!
  19. As previously mentioned, deciding to leave teaching does lift a weight off your shoulders.

    The pay cut is one thing, happiness is another. I have been looking at courses at colleges etc and will be attending relevent open days.

    We were in school today - me and my year group partner. I was upset. I know I don't want to come back and I have made the right decision to leave teaching.
  20. I am posting on separate posts because the submit button is playing up.

    I hope to gain experience in the holidays. I know my new job must be one that can be as as an employee or self-employed.

    And yes I am a woman. My username is a combination of my pets name and when I got him.

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