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Discussion in 'Personal' started by Tombilboo, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. I found out today that I'm probably looking at having kidney dialysis within the next 5 years, and being on the transplant list. I wondered if there were any teachers out there that manage to combine full time/near full time work with dialysis and how they cope.
  2. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter

    Hey there - I used to know a nurse (parent of a family I used to teach) who worked in a reduced hours role while on dialysis but to be honest found it very hard and gave up. On the brightish side, she's still going strong on dialysis 20 years later, with dialysis much improved over the years, and she feels she would have been able to carry on, if what was available now was available then.
    Declare a disability under the DDA as of now, and ask for a referral to occupational health to get on the books for reasonable adaptations, and also to start getting a trail together which says how much you want to work, so that 1) the school arranges things for you and 2) if you have to take a pension, you've got a history of trying to stay at work.
    Sorry to sound a bit gloomy but a bit of advance preparation can do wonders for being able to stay at work/leave.with a pension.
    Best of luck.
  3. I'm already covered by DDA and awaiting school's response to the recommendations made by occupational health. As for taking a pension, I've probably paid enough to ensure 2p a week for a couple of years. I've not been teaching all that long and am a good 20 years or more away from even early retirement.
  4. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter

  5. Hi Tombilioo,
    Just wanted to send you my support and share my current experience with you. I have an auto immune disease SLE or Lupus. Over the yrs this has impacted and impaired my kidneys and my kidney function is now only working at 8%. I haven't worked for over a yr now as the symptoms of chronic kidneys have been overwheming. I have opted to do home dialysis with a view of being able to sustain employment once the treatment kicks in.
    While this is going on I am also being assessed so that I am able to go on the national trabsplant register. Also I have a number of family members who have voluneered to see it they are a match.
    Kidney failure is completely dibilitating and I suffer with extreme fatigue, hence why it is impossible to hold down a job while one is at the pre-dialysis stage. On a positive note, since being diagnosed with kidney failure I have met some inspirational people along the way, and it is possible to still live life to the full whilst on dialysis. However having said that there will always be retrictions and limitations.
    In terms of work, I ended up resigning from my last reaching job because I couldn't give a clear date of when I would be fit to work again. For now I am eagerly anticipating starting dialysis, which is likely to be in the next 6 weeks.
    Personally I don't want to apply for a full-time teaching role straight away when I feel well enough to work as the job can be very stressful. So for the time being I will be looking at alternative roles within education.
    I don't know if what I have written makes sense. I suppose I haven't really answered your question as I am not yet on dialysis or working, however, if you would like to ask me any questions feel free,
  6. I did post a message to this last night, but it hasn't appeared. Thanks to everyone who's responded. I appreciate the advice and support. I'm already covered by DDA and occupational health have already made some recommendations. I'm still quite young so early retirement is still a good 20 years or so off, and therefore not an option.
  7. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter

    How about starting to build up a portfolio of examination marking which can raise £8K plus per annum, and might lead to Team Leader, Chief Examiner things with a bit more.
    Also what about a dyslexia postgrad - build up private tuition, assessment work, PT in FE etc? Flexible and home based work.
    Have you any work-related skills that aren't teaching? eg office work, so that you could be an assessor for NVQs/Work Based Learning?

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