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Diagnostic Reading Analysis Help

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by annie_christine, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. annie_christine

    annie_christine New commenter

    Good Afternoon!

    I have a question that the Diagnostic Reading Analysis (DRA) manual isn't helping with, and I'm hoping someone on here can! I also hope that my explanation below makes sense...

    I'm a Specialist Teacher working privately with a low ability student aged 8 years 4 months at the moment, and I was looking into using the DRA to get the info I need.

    However, I think that they will not be able to complete Reading: Fiction 2 without making 10% errors, and I'm looking at Reading: Non-Fiction 2 and I think they'll struggle with that one too.

    The Pupil Record says to stop after the 2nd passage if this is the case. Can I still get data from only 2 passages being completed? The whole Manual only talks about the analysis of 3 passages.

    If anyone could shed light as to whether I should go ahead and just use the 2 passages, or wait until I think they'll be able to complete 3, it would be greatly appreciated!

  2. camptownraces

    camptownraces New commenter

    Sorry not to be positive about this test, but my experience with it in the past has been dire. The weakest student in the school scored well within the normal range. And I had read and re-read the instructions in the manual.

    You will have noticed that it was standarised on weak readers - so how is that standarisation?

    What aspect of reading are you exploring? I'd go for another test myself to get a more accurate result. (If it's reading comprehension you are after, try the Access Reading Test.)

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