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diabetic pregnancy

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by NellyFUF, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Little Nell is 35 weeks and has been given tablets to control her gestational diabetes. She is a bit upset for all sorts of reasons naturally. The info online is really quite grim around diabetes and pregnancy.
    She wanted to have a home birth but it looks like she will have to be induced early. The baby is over 4 lbs and she is quite little herself, if overweight.
    She was dragged through a professionals meeting with 8 medical professionals to give her all the bad news about risks for gestational diabetes so is a bit depressed now too.
    Just looking for some positives if anyone has been in a similar boat. Worried grandma.
  2. When pregnant with my eldest I was diagnoised with pre-eclampsia at 30 weeks. This caused a lot of worry for the whole family and my daughter was born early weighing 5lbs after a prolonged stay in hospital for me. I was also read the riot act by a large group of doctors who had to let me know of the risk factors as I didn't want to go into hospital. While I was there lots of pregnant mothers arrived in with a large variety of conditions. All of them left with healthy babies. I thought that the NHS was fantastic and I am sure that the same will occur in your case. Thinking of you.
  3. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Oh thanks
    her blood pressure is fine.
    I think they are shroud waving.
    The last thing you need when you are carrying a child is loads of medical professionals telling you all the bad things that might happen.
  4. No personal experience but my next door neighbour had it. Her baby was 10lb and had a night in SCBU (although not actually sure whether this was even connected). The girl is now 7. She was very careful with.diet in 2nd pregnancy and had no medication. I'm sure all will be fine I would have thought 35 weeks was pretty late for it to start anyway? I really am not an expert
  5. I had gestational diabetes with my second son (and probably undiagnosed with my first as he was over 10 1/2 lbs) from 5 months onwards. I was able to control it with just diet (I ate the same thing every single day for 4 months as any deviation sent my sugar levels rocketing; I had toast for breakfast, a roll with cheese and an apple for lunch and a jacket potato with cheese and beans for dinner) so I don't know about the tablets, but I do know how worrying it can be. Like your daughter, I had a very upsetting meeting with a diabetic midwife who basically told me to control what I ate or my baby would probably die after I gave birth! She then gave me a list (verbally) of what to eat: semi-skimmed milk, wholewheat or brown bread, no refined sugars etc. As I did all of the right things anyway, I was a bit confused about what I was meant to be doing differently but they hustled me out pretty damn quickly. I then had a few phonecalls (about one a month) asking me about my sugar levels from a different midwife. Didn't see anyone again.
    My son was born perfectly healthy. He was born by elective caesarean (I had a section with my first) at 38+6 and weighed 9lbs 3oz so I dread to think what he would have weighed had I been talked into a VBAC! His sugar levels were fine at birth and fine since then too; mine went back to normal and I've been fine ever since. He was kept with me from the moment he was born and was monitored pretty closely.
    It is perfectly possible to have a normal birth with gestational diabetes but I think they may wish to induce earlier than 40 weeks if the baby is very big. Equally, your daughter should consider the possibility of having an epidural if the labour is long, as she may end up with a c-section and won't want to be under general anaesthetic. It's not a definite, but just something to think about. It is also perfectly probable that her baby will be absolutely fine - otherwise she'd be on insulin injections instead of the tablets. Tell her to stop Googling things and reading things that will scare her; go to her midwife and ask about early induction (whether it's likely, how it would work etc), pack her bag for hospital (get some nice smellies, a cute going-home outfit etc to make sure it's a happy bag not a 'damn, not a home birth' bag) and relax for the next few weeks. Worrying isn't going to change anything except maybe elevate her blood pressure and she won't want the extra worry of high BP on top of everything else!
    Fingers crossed she and the baby will be absolutely fine. I'm anticipating getting the diabetes again with this pregnancy, and have cut down on sugar and refined foods already. Just a precaution...Good luck to you and your daughter. Best of wishes for a happy and healthy birth!
  6. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    thanks for that Kstreet
    I am probably more worried that she is actually. I am going to go with her for scan next week and whenever she needs me I will be available luckily.
    I had a VBAC at home with an independent midwife so horrendous was the hospital care when child 4 had complications......
    ... but I will be there to keep watch and so on so at least she will have a calm mum around, which I never had in any form and hopefully I can help with whatever happens having had just about all the experiences with my five births.
    Her partner has delivered 11 babies too so things should be OK.

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