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DfES and GTCW advice please!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by lauratrev, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. lauratrev

    lauratrev New commenter

    I'm currently doing my PGCE in Wales and need some advice i cant find what i want anywhere.
    Im applying for jobs in England and want to know what the DfES number is?
    Ive seen that the GTC teaching number for those in England is also their DfES number so am i to use my GTCW number too?
    I know i need to register with the GTCE to teach in England. So will i be given a DfES number only when i register with them? or am i okay to state my GTCW number for now?
    Thanks Laura

  2. Hi
    The DfES number goes under different names. Essentially it is your GTCW number - your registration number for the register of qualified teachers. If you are training then you will be registered as a trainee teacher, once you are recommended for QTS this will be reflected in the register, but your number will remain the same. If you get a post in England then you will need to transfer your registration to the GTCE, or if it has been abolished to whichever body controls thye register of qualified teachers. The DfES number is also sometimes referred to at the DfE Number, DES Number, Teacher registration Number (TRN) or just teacher number. Essentially they are all the same.

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