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DFE visit to discuss becoming a sponsored academy

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by robby64, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. A couple of odd things here. You say you are below floor standards, but in the 2nd paragraph you say that ROL shows that you are above the national mean for progress. To be below floor standards you have to be <u>below on all 3 measures</u> of attainment, mean progress in maths and mean progress in English. If you are above on any of the 3 measures, then you are above floor standards.
    Also, the DfE are not, as far as I know targeting schools who are below floor to be sponsored academies, since few sponsors would go near schools that are below floor. Are you sure it's not academy conversion?
    Finally, do make sure you get proper representation from your union and from the LA as the last poster said.
  2. My school has had a visit from the DfE telling us we have to become a Sponsored Academy. Using retrospective application of floor standards we have three years of being below floor. For the last two years, however, we are above floor. Unfortunately, the 2010 results aren't being taken into account as we did not sit the SATs! (Oh how that decision is coming back to haunt me!!). We have had one meeting with a DfE representative (not very pleasant) followed by a GB meeting where we cam up with the critera for a sponsor. One week later (last Friday) we were presented with a list of 3 potentiall sponsors and told to choose one there and then. We refused, saying we needed to go around schools they currently sponsor before we can make a decision. The DfE representative told us we had 3 weeks to make the decision or the DfE would make it for us. As far as I'm aware from the process, everyone gets tuped over but I have to be interviewed for my job or let go - oh the joys! Apparently it will all be done and dusted with the new academy opening up on 1st September 2012. As you can imagine, working here is fun at the moment!!
  3. Where are your LA and your union in all this?
  4. The LA sit next to the DfE smiling nervously and look totally out of their depth, and the union rep for the NAHT said he had no experience of this at all and to get back in touch with him if they try to blame me for anything! No help anywhere really. Am currently trying to find honest, impartial advice from someone who actually knows what they are talking about!
  5. Your NAHT rep (was it a Regional Officer?) sounds a bit of a numpty.
    My advice, phone NAHT Head Office and make sure you speak to a chap called John Hakes. Tell him what is going on and you might then get a better level of support.
  6. Thanks for that, will give it a try.
  7. 2 1/2 hour visit including 40 minute learning walk! Had prepared loads of paperwork etc
    Unofficial outcome is will put off decision until Autumn 2011 to allow for 2012 SATs results. LA hoping that her line managers will also allow this time, so still waiting for definite answer but feel more hopeful.

  8. We've just selected our sponsor and are going through the consultation period. A huge learning curve and I have come to view the whole process as a positive thing - took me a while to get there though!
  9. I'm assuming you are the head in all this. Are you part of the TUPE process or do you have to re-apply for your position?
  10. I am the Head. I will be tupe'd over on current terms and conditions.

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