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Developing Outdoor Classroom for Year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pinkfluffyprincess, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Us Year 1 teachers want to develop the outdoor learning environment but we don't have much money at all to do it! So far, we have a little sand tray, a water tray gathering dust, flower beds and a mobile in a tree.
    Any ideas will be greatly, GREATLY appreciated!!!! What can we do that is cheap and cheerful, yet brilliant? Even ideas with things from around the house would be great!
    Thank you!! [​IMG]
  2. Bump.

    Found this thread whilst searching for cheap ideas for outdoor provision for Y1. Good idea about folding clothes horse.
    I've seen broom handles cemented into buckets to make poles to tie sheets onto as a 'tent'.

    Anyone else got some brilliant ideas to share?
  3. Chalk is always great for patterns or writing on walls to make a target or floor to make hop scotch etc. Clip boards are the most important item - you can do anything outdoors then.
    I didn't have an outdoor area as such, so I bought big 99p shopping bags from Wilkinsons and made them into theme bags which the children pick up and take outdoors, and set up their own area.
    Den building bag - masking tape, string, sheets, bamboo sticks etc
    Creative dance bag - lots of streamers and scarves, tu-tu's and twinkly wands and items not wanted by older girls in schools. They have the use of a CD player with batteries, or I just put in a triangle and tambourine etc.
    Physical bag - made up game cards that are laminated with equipment e.g. bats, balls, hoops etc
    Do you have a tuff spot? Brilliant for messy area - collect lots of small bottles with screw tops and medicine bottles, 5ml and 10ml spoons, great for measuring. Also moulds in wet sand when doing sculptures.
    Natural box - lots of cones, pebbles, conkers, twigs etc, great for making patterns or designing a trail.
    Dressing up box - make a role play area outdoors or if you have moveable staging in your hall, ask if you can borrow 2 or 3 blocks to make a stage.
    Ask for pots and seeds and set up a potting bag where they can freely choose to plant a seed and look after it.
    Box of books related to the subject with a few carpet squares or a picnic blanket and maybe even an umbrella will encourage reading outdoors.
    Hope that helps!

  4. Gareth-Brown

    Gareth-Brown New commenter

    There must be somewhere you can find free stuff to put around an out side are, maybe some outdoor chairs and tables. You could get a veggie patch growing, just put soil in some wooden crates.

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