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Developing a SOW template to organise the vast resources for maths

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by asaf_razaq, Jan 23, 2017.


As a teacher, would you consider the time this takes to develop worth your while in the long run?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Not sure

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  1. asaf_razaq

    asaf_razaq New commenter


    One of the issues, these days is that there is a vast amount of information, powerpoints, activities, tasks, questions etc out there which teachers have to sift through to plan lessons.

    I'm currently coordinating KS4 and mainly focusing on the IGCSE SOW and have been thinking about how best to organise the vast resources so that planning takes less time and teachers working can collaborate easily.

    For this endeavour, I've created a google slide format for developing a scheme of work.

    • I have chosen a Google slide for the SOW, such that:
      • It will be a weekly SOW, divided into 4 parts(could be lessons), with links to differentiated resources, powerpoints, activities, worksheets, probing questions, AFL activities.
      • It will be a Google slide that we add resources/links to that will achieve a few objectives as detailed in the instructions PDF file linked.
      • We plan to save all relevant resources onto a Google team drive, that teachers will have access to but link them on the proposed slide.
      • Teachers will be able to grade resources/powerpoints/activities as they use them by placing an asterisk (*) after the link.
    I've linked the master slide above, and want to copy this for each week, teachers will then collaborate and add resources, slides, probing questions onto this as we go by. What I want off you, if possible, is feedback on how useful you think this is and if I've missed something out. I started a pythagoras slide, but this still requires work - I've linked this here to give people an idea of what I intended for it to mean.

    1. Enable better teaching and learning?
    2. Save more time in the long run than developing these?
    3. Allow us to collaborate more and work together more effectively?
    4. How can this be improved or changed to better meet the above objectives?

    I'd be grateful for any feedback.
  2. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    wow, haven't we made a fairly simple thing complicated. Presuming all of the teachers at KS4 are qualified and experienced, do they really need all this level of planning?
    How did we ever do the job when all we had was a stockroom of books, a box of chalk and a blackboard? Incidentally, we performed far better in international comparisons then than now, and the countries that out perform us now invariably use the "old fashioned" presentation methods more than all the bells and whistles.
    Mr_Mathematics likes this.
  3. asaf_razaq

    asaf_razaq New commenter

    There is probably a host of factors that have led to this eg work ethos in schools, how different societies view and value education, declining standards, government intervention, changing expectations....so going back to simply a chalk/books etc (while they do have their place) will probably not result in improvement as such.
  4. chrisb2004

    chrisb2004 New commenter

    I think you want a well organised file structure and naming scheme in windows instead of having a powerpoint as middleman slowing things down. It's the modern equivalent of that old fashioned stockroom.
    strawbs likes this.
  5. asaf_razaq

    asaf_razaq New commenter

    Possibly, we have that on google drive, but with so many files, resources etc, I was thinking that a way of organising would be good. Hmmmm..........

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