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Developing a new climate-energy interactive database tool: your help needed

Discussion in 'Geography' started by srackley, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. srackley

    srackley New commenter

    Hello everyone - Very exciting! In my day-job (with WEMC), I've had initial feedback regarding obtaining EU funding for a proposal to develop a new climate & energy educational interactive tool, based on an existing application developed for energy experts.

    The existing tool is called the 'ECEM Demonstrator', and back in May 2018 I created a blog entry about how educators can make use of it. More recently, I've created an 'educational pack' which can be downloaded via that blog entry (screenshot below of one of the summary pages).

    It looks promising. But, I need your help! A survey I conducted about the ECEM Demonstrator needs a lot more responses. I really feel it is a win-win for all science, maths and geography educators out there to take a look and complete the survey. And hopefully, a new shiny application for you all to use, for free, will come your way in the near future!

    So navigate to my Geogramblings blog and take part in the survey. There will be an option for you to put your email down at the end if you want to be directly involved in the development of a new application!

    Thanks in advance [​IMG]



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