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Detention... the first, last and only weapon against students in our school.

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by bigpedro, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. It's like that everywhere.

    Some thoughts:

    the important thing is to show kids that if you give a detention you will GUARANTEE THAT THEY WILL ATTEND. So -

    limit the number you issue. This will involve you grinning and bearing it with some kids but think about forming manageable 'target groups' and focus your energies on these. Enlist pastoral/behaviour/other staff (esp those who have them at the end of the day)/parents to get them there. The aim is to develop a reputation for yourself so that they know you will get them in the end. One successful detention is often enough to 'turn' a child, but you have to be remorseless in your efforts.

    Further thoughts - like all punishments, if you have to keep doing it with a child it it's not working so stop and try something else. Detention is also an opportunity to engage - try having them do some household tasks instead of sitting in silence or whatever. If you have spoken to parents, they will often solve the problem for you.
  2. You are all going down the wrong route, sorry. Detentions are a cardinal sin in my eyes, I hate them, I don't want to spend extra time with the muppets. Here is my sanction list, feel free to steal.

    Step 1 - after referring to choice of behaviour, we put the name on the board.
    Step 2 - briefly taken outside and spoken to about behaviour, and my expectations.
    Step 3 - extra homework - produce presentation for next lesson on topic of my choosing.
    Step 4 - removed from lesson with red card.

    Sorry for the horrific grammar, writing this on an iPad! However, comrades, detentions do not work, they create resentment and hatred of school!
  3. I'm afraid I have a problem about using extra homework as a punishment. This implies that homework is an imposition designed to inconvenience the pupil, rather than a learning experience. I wouldn't risk turning a pupil off my subject by imposing extra work as a punishment.
  4. 1. Arms crossed, front and centre of class and stare
    2. name and minutes on board
    3. behind after class if you are fortunate enough to have a break after the lesson
    4. Stand outside and I will speak to you in a minute. Have a quiet discussion about your expectations and the consequences of further bad behaviour
    Extension: Phone call home in front of their classmates. If the parents don't answer, hang up or respond negatively. Note this in an email to the head of department. If they do answer and repond in a positve manner you will have the whole classes attention for ever!

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