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Detailed Lesson Plans

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by paul_mc, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. DM

    DM New commenter

    And Ofsted don't care about it either.
  2. DM

    DM New commenter

    editing feature urgently required
  3. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    I think I prefer your earlier moniker for them!
  4. annsue

    annsue New commenter

    Hi Pinkasdasky , we all did as demanded for a couple of weeks while unions got involved. Joint guidance ( ofsted dfes nasuwt nut) is very clear that this amount of paperwork is not required. We have now refused and I have returned to notes in planner as guidance states lesson plans are for teachers use. Union has been brilliant over it . They insisted on the 1265 hours and no more! These requirements were clearly taking us above this. Learning walks with such attention to detail are "observations" and you should have no more than 3 hrs per year - this includes PM. Please let me know how you get on .
  5. All this madness seems to be pretty common place. We have a 'review week' each term in a bid to drive teaching standards up following Ofsted's visit last October. Initially it meant SMT could observation at any time during the week, full lesson plans with pupil data expected. After a little fuss, one staff member being severly 'told off' due to them emailing the full staff with unions recommendations on planning, this time the observations were held over two days.

    I feel like a dog constantly performing tricks. I've been told there is nothing wrong with my teaching, my written feedback was full of good this, good that but because I have some stubborn pupils who do everything in their power to halt the lesson (our behaviour policy may as well be non existent as it's useless) I am deemed to be 'satisfactory'. This infuriates me, 'you can take a donkey to water.....' springs to mind.

    I'm all for improving teaching but when will the pupils be given some ownership on their behaviour and learning?
  6. OMG, Sunset, you are so NOT on message, my friend! [​IMG]
    'Never' is the answer - you are a teacher in whose hands lies the progress and achievement of your pupils.
    If they just happen to be a collection of sow's ears, then you are charged with making silk purses of them!
    It is expected, nay, demanded of you..........
    ....as well as a personalised greeting, checking uniform, clearing corridor outside room, checking desks for graffiti, supplying pencils / rulers / paper [lost book issue], completing register, dealing with any emotional distress [ECM], full differentiation across the ability range, challenging the most able, ..... etc etc .....
    Btw, where do you want me to put the broom? [​IMG]
  7. O, and as to the OP. ONLY when forced to [Ofsted]
    Planner will do otherwise.
  8. All in a day's work hey?! [​IMG]
  9. True .....
    .... sadly [​IMG]
  10. I work in FE and haven't heard the term learning walks, can someone please enlighten me? is it a buzz phrase used in compulsory education?

    Luckily for me I write a generic Sow and session plans which go on our intranet, whether or not I stick to these is up to me. Of course I don't as I plan each group individually. However, I don't have a heavy timetable so have this luxury of writing session plans. I also go completely off the plan when in the classroom and something (relevant) comes up that is worth pursuing. I also do a lot of 1 to 1 teaching and never write plans for those at all.

    We have Ofsted in next week!!!
  11. Maybe this should be a seperate thread (or put in Pay & Conditions), but what is the ruling/people's thoughts on "Learning Walks"?
    Our school has just introduced them and they comprise of members of SMT and Head of Depts doing a wander around the school and popping in to lessons to observe the teaching and learning and talking to students etc?

  12. annsue

    annsue New commenter

    Re: learning walks ... lesson observations in plain (and honest) english. These are becoming the norm and as a classroom teacher I have no probs about head popping in now and then to say " Good morning" and show he/she is taking an interest , but ours have become a regular, timetabled event , when any SLT slip in quietly take a seat at the back , observe for 10 or 15 mins while ticking stuff on a clipboard. We never get feedback unless it's to use as evidence when they want to get rid. Do these walks count towards the 3 hrs per year obs max?
  13. The problem with the 3 hrs of observation is that it isn't a maximum. It is 3 hours maximum for PM, if the observation isn't for PM then schools can get away with doing many more observations.
    It's always worth chatting to the union rep(s) or local association officers as if enough staff have a problem with it then the unions can negotiate on their behalf.
  14. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Not true. The 3 hours is a max for all observations except for NQT ones and ones done by the LA in special circumstances.
    Observations should be dual purpose so all observations are relevant to performance management.
  15. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    No. The guidance specifically allows "dropping in." However, evidence from such dropping in should not be used if your school want to get rid. It could trigger an observation to gather more evidence but should not be enough in its own right.
  16. hull_lass

    hull_lass New commenter

    Just a thought - if you're confident in your teaching and teaching well, why does it matter when a member of the SLT come in to check you're doing your job? Unfortunately, there are too many teachers who tend to sit at their desks marking etc rather than teaching, giving the rest of us a bad name. I say this as a primary teacher who has to work with groups of children within lessons - I dont know how it works in secondary. I also think regarding planning, primary teachers have to have detailed plans no matter how experienced they are - why not secondary teachers?
  17. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    Yep - lots of "working with groups of children" in secondary too. Some people call it "teaching" [​IMG]
  18. Why? [​IMG]
    I like to think [sic] that I have such command of my subject knowledge, experience and confidence in my ability to communicate meaningfully that I don't need lesson plans.
    But then I am a teacher, not a technician....... [​IMG]
  19. Help!

    We have also been told we have to produce this, including an analysis of how we are to meet indivdual pupils' needs. Each one is taking me a minimum of 40 minutes and I have 16 lessons to plan. I've been teaching 10 years and Ofsted have never found me to be anything less than 'good'... how to tackle this? Please, please help!

  20. Forgot to say - 'we' are an Academy with a new Principal. Apparently this comes directly from him...

    A few more details - we were told of this last Monday after school (by which time I had taught four of my 16 lessons of the week). I had already planned (in my planner) Tuesday's lessons, so I didn't re-do these lessons at the time. On Thursday I asked my HoD, half-jokingly, whether she wanted me to go back and re-write my lessons from Monday (prior to the information) Tuesday and Wednesday (which I had also planned in my old way) and she told me that yes, I should.

    This weekend I have spent around 6 hours writing lesson plans that are of little use to me and will have no impact on learners and have also wasted a large part of my precious weekend writing out lesson plans for lessons that have already happened, merely to tick a box. I have just read the STPCD and the NUT guidance on lesson planning and feel very, very aggrieved. But how to tackle this? I will be turning up to school without the required plans and will, as is usually the case, be shouted down at the department meeting during which they are to be handed over for scrutiny (there is a whole other issue here about bullying and poor management) and I don't know how to respond. I am going to go and see my NUT rep tomorrow (if I get a chance) and see what her take on it is, but I am concerned about the immediate reaction to my non-completion of these darned lesson plans. I know one other member of the dept is in a similar situation but we are all scared of the department management, who appear to be telling us this is school policy.

    My situation - an experienced teacher, as I said with a great track record, new to a school which has recently become an Academy with a brand new Principal; dept leadership is, in my opinion, poor and reactive. Dept relationships poor and lots of underlying 'politics'.

    Please... advice (or at least a shoulder upon which to cry uncontrollably...)!!!

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