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DET Course worth it or not? route to QTLS

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Footballmad1234, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Footballmad1234

    Footballmad1234 New commenter

    Hi All,

    In need of some guidance please.

    I am thinking about going into lecturing full time starting in September. My current situation is this; 10+ years experience in sports industry and during 2008-2015 I worked mainly as a lead sports coach for my local college. Also during this time I covered theory and practical lessons for the BTEC sports courses.

    I do not have a degree but I have a PTTLS level 4 qualification.

    Now, I want to gain the level 5 DTTLS but it looks like it’s changed to DET.

    After doing some research I have the following info; (correct me if wrong)

    DET course @ my local college (£4999) 1 year full time or 2 years part time but this can lead to going straight onto a 3rd year of an education Degree :)


    Online DET course £999 but only worth 120 credits?

    I want to start in September and there’s lots of jobs through colleges and private organisations that need spots lecturers.

    I think if I enroll on a course and apply for some jobs, although i don’t meet the requirements at least I am working towards been qualified?

    I really want to hold the QTLS long term.

    If anyone can me any words of advise I would be most grateful.

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