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desperate for advice regarding full staff grievances against head teacher.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by donotwishtosay, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Desperately need your advice.
    A very delicate situation has developed in our school - all teaching staff (including smt) and the majority of support staff have contacted their unions to submit grievances against the head teacher; bullying, unreasonable workload, unprofessional conduct, asking staff to 'adjust' assessment results, preventing threshold progerssion, threating staff with redundancies if they did not teach Year 6 - the list goes on and on. My query is - Can Governing body make a decision for the head to return to work (after she has been absent for several months) despite oustanding grievances which only the Chair of Governors has seen. Also can staff governors be asked to leave a governors meeting without prior warning?
    Thankyou in advance.
  2. Donut (what a sweet name)[​IMG]
    If you are a union rep, you must take advice from higher up in your union's local / regional hierarchy. You or a colleague will be able to access the governing body procedures from either the school or the LA - these are public domain documents and must be made available to anyone who requests them. These procedures will tell you whether your staff governor can be asked to leave a governors meeting. If you are the staff governor in question, contact your LA governor coordinator and ask this question.
    If you are a teacher, simply abide by your union's advice. In the situation you describe, you will benefit yourself by not being seen to lead any kind of cavalry charge. Ditto if you are the staff governor. While your task as such is to communicate between staff and governors, you are in a very difficult position at present and must be seen to be a non-partisan conduit - even if you feel differently on a personal level.
    I think the issue of your HT's sick leave is between her and her employer - even bullies are entitled to be treated fairly and the rules are that sickness issues are kept confidential. So she will return when she and her boss decide she is well enough. It may be that the staff governor was asked to leave the meeting during a discussion of this sick leave.
    The grievance issue is separate. Again, grievances should only be accessed by the aggrieved, the accused and their respective managers and professional representatives or nominated companions. If you know that other teachers have lodged grievances, that is really more than you should know - the last thing that the parties involved should do is discuss this with anyone except their union rep. Even if you are best friends with colleagues, keep shtumm about this around school. The HT could well argue that intolerable unprofessionalism on the part of certain teachers has made her ill, citing such gossip as evidence of such.
    It has happened before that a 'whole-staff' complaint suddenly melts into only one or two individuals who are prepared to stand their ground, leaving themselves vulnerable, so please be careful and slightly sceptical about rabble-rousing statements. At the end of the day, your unions exist to do this work and you pay them for it, so don't be tempted to attempt to do it for them.
  3. I know this message was posted 2 years ago but could I ask if the situation was ever resolved?

    Thanking you on anticipation.


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