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Design technology club ideas

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by littlemissraw, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Thats a tight timeframe! I did mini projects with my Y7's (on resources) we did 3 projects in 7 weeks but they were double lessons.
    We did wooden spatulas (1 double wood theory & design, 1 double making), desk tidies (1 double H&S and modelling, 1 double making) stained glass windows with stick on lead and paint (1 double design with some starting, 1 double making)
    How about... pan pipes, christmas tree decorations, pop up cards (from templates), wooden butt joint boxes, make a chocolate mold and then chocolates following week.... let me have a think and see if I have any better ideas x
  2. Look at the Craft Club website. I registered and found a volunteer who comes in afterschool and does craft club for me, weare just finishing 'knit one pass it on' and I hope to do crochet next time! Its brill, no planning, got loads of wool donated by teachers in my school and ordered some knitting needles. Most of them startone week and take it home and have it finished by teh week after. So far we have knitted hats for the innocent smoothies, made mug warmers, wrist bands, hair bands, and are now making christmas baubles!
  3. timbdesign

    timbdesign New commenter

    Take a look at www.scalextric4schools.org, a low cost design-make-race challenge for middle and high schools. A finished car costs around £1.80 and will run on any 1/32 scale analogue slot car track, Compare that to commercial cars cost aound £30! This is possible because Scalextric support the project charging close to cost price for parts and track and no P&P!
    I do a quick intro as an after school or half day acativity. Purchase the car parts packs and standard track from Scalextric through the challenge web site. Laser cut sets of the standard chassis parts and CNC machine moulds for the four car shapes provided on the challenge web site. Get the pupils to choose a car mould, vacuum form and trim the body. Assemble the chassis, soldering the connections (the tricky part!) and fit the body. Race their car and draw conclusions comparing body shape and performance with their friends. Three hours total.
    But where is the design? PTC provides Creo 3D design software and comprehesive tutorials on modelling car body shapes. Pupils follow the tutorial to model a standard body and are then shown how to sketch their own shape and modify/model that. Another 3 hours total. CNC machine their body design, vacuum form, swap the standard body for theirs and compare performance. Take home the car they have designed and manufactured to race with friends and family at home.
    Did I mention there are three team challenges; F3 circuit race, Bloodhound SSC land speed record, Eco transport plus a Speed controller challenge for individuals. We also support children educated at home.
    If this gets them excited why not see if they want to form a team and enter the 2012 compettion with finals at RAF Museum Cosford on June 24th. Full details of how the challenge works, curriculum, link to get free Creo, CAD models and examples on the web site.

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