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Design section of AQQ INFO4

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ohowson, May 11, 2011.

  1. I'm marking some info 4 work, and am stuck on the design section. For 1 mark, "A design for a solution has been produced." for 2 marks "A design for a solution has been shown to the client and amended in the light of comments from the client." and for 3 "A final design for the solution has been produced and approved by the client with an explanation of how it meets the client’s requirements. "

    This student is weak - and risking failing. He's produced a hand drawn design of three db forms, listed the fields in each table, and said he wants three queries. He's also stated "I showed this to my client and they wanted two extra fields, "a" and "b"
    Is this enough for 2 marks? Quality wise I'd say no, but I *want* to give him marks and hope he'll pass - and this *is* a design... what think the crowd?
  2. I've just finished marking mine and I would say no - give 1 mark.
    I believe that you need evidence it has been shown to the client - some comment/signature/statement.
    It's not good enough just to say you have done it.
  3. Funny, I went on some AQA INFO4 training recently, and they were quite adamant that they'd trust the student when they said they'd shown it to the client and had it ok'd.Not that I trust the verifiers to remember that, so prefer to err on the side of caution. 1 mark it is, which brings his total to 22, oh dear...

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