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Design and Technology Objectives and Outcomes for Key stage 3

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by littlemissraw, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Does this help at all?
    For levels I used to then split the objectives. So L4 - Able to create one isometric drawing using a set 30/60 square. L5 - Confidently and correctly complete a number of isometric drawingsusing at 30/60 set square.... etc. I can be long winded but I used to then stor them in a bank of tasks so I could easily copy and paste for future plans. x
  2. SDL

    SDL New commenter

    Many thanks for the reply, much appreciated. It appears that I am being asked to spend an increasing amount of time on planning in porder to tick boxes and jump through hoops.
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Lol you at my old school?! ;-)
    Have lesson plans knocking about somewhere just shout if you need any x
  4. Sounds familiar...........................
  5. Don't waste too much time worrying about levels - they were never originally meant to be shared with pupils (see TGAT report, Black and Wiliam et al). There is a mountain of research evidence proving that basing lessons on meeting performance oriented targets and levels is counterproductive and does nothing to promote a learning culture.
    <font face="HelveticaNeue-Light" size="1">Some of the difficulty arises from a lack of understanding of the difference between 'performance' and
    'learning'. The eminent psychologist, Carol Dweck, distinguishes two co-existing orientations. A performance orientation is about 'looking smart' and avoiding looking dumb; a learning orientation is about 'getting smarter' by learning new skills, mastering new tasks, or understanding new things. An over emphasis on performance goals can drive out learning. In England, this has implications for the over-emphasis on ticking off levels and sublevels in national curriculum attainment targets. Levels that are supposed to be indicators of learning become the goals themselves and can be 'clocked up' without any guarantee that the underlying learning has occurred.
    Assessment in School - Fit for purpose? (Assessment Reform Group, 2009)
  6. How is it that the majority of teachers and school leaders in England have become so obsessed with sharing levels with pupils on a daily, lesson-by-lesson basis - and yet all the current research suggests that this type of practice has profoundly negative effects on pupils.
    Yes - it is important to discuss levels with pupils periodically (termly or at the end of a key stage) but not every lesson.
    This obsession with learning being linked to levels so explicitly is damaging for puils. Levels are a useful tool for the teacher to measure progress and subsequently adapt teaching/planning. Ask yourself - Why I am teaching this.... to achieve levels or to develop knowldege, skills, understanding, enjoyment of learning. I fear we are producing too many pupils who simply 'perform' to 'achieve the level'.
    Maybe you disagree - if so have you looked at the evidence? Are you using your professional judgement? Or are you simply doing it because 'it's the policy' and 'everyone else does it'?
  7. SDL

    SDL New commenter

    Thanks for the response. No, I don't disagree with you at all and appreciate your sentiments. School leaders are obsessed it appears with sharing levels with students on what appears not on a daily basis but continuously, probably because they feel this is the only way students will make progress.
    Sharing levels at this rate is damaging and I agree that these levels are a tool for the TEACHER. I like what you say about students 'Performing' to achieve a level, talk about hoops!
    To be honest, I am doing this because it is policy and everyone else is doing it and am concerned what may happen if I dont do this i.e. a lower than expected lesson observation grade or a reprimand by senior leadership....
  8. SDL

    SDL New commenter

    Many thanks for this. I do have something similar which I uploaded to the resources section today.
    Hope these are of some use to you. Thanks for sharing!
  9. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Great your adding to the resources :) unfortunately I had to leave teaching as I couldn't get work but I'm sure they'll help lots of people. X

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