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Design a study question PSYA4

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by Greta76, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    Would be really interested in feedback on this - our results for this paper were amazing - 80% A or B and an average UMS of 78. However, looking at the breakdown of questions on e-aqa we noticed that our students did really poorly on this question. We feel we prepared them well for this so can't understand why they fell down on this area. How do your students do on this question and do you have any ideas as to how we can modify our teaching for this question to raise marks?
  2. On a recent AQA course this was mentioned and they said many did poorly because they fail to justify the decisions that they make. I find nibe tend to try and criticise instead - they have been brainwashed into evaluating all the time!

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