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Derby Uni lower primary PGCE course - advice needed

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by hayleymooncat, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    I will be starting the above course full time in september and wondered if anyone could give an insight into the workload, demands, timetable of the course?
    Any info greatly appreciated! :)
  2. Hi, I'm starting the same course and am so excited! Look forward to maybe meeting you! Lou x
  3. I am currently on the PGCE 5-11 programme at Derby University (we share most of the same content/lectures).
    I won't lie to you, this is am incredibly time-consuming programme. However, as is evident from the most recent Ofsted inspection, the teaching is second to none and it is a very enjoyable course.
  4. many thanks for the heads up with this. From what I have read I understand that it's a particularly demanding course. If you could let us know any insight into the timetable that would be great! ...trying to prepare myself as much as possible! :)
  5. Hi,
    I'm also on the 5-11 course at Derby. As mentioned above, it is a very time consuming course - particularly when on placement and at times when we have assignment deadlines. However, it is manageable, as long as you are prepared to be very organised with your time and resources!
    The university timetable is pretty much full-time (9-5). When there are no lectures/workshops there is still plenty to be getting on with (such as reading, directed tasks). I tend to spend my time off in the week (which is not much) catching up on these things and working on assignments. I can't really say how many assignments etc. you will have to complete as it may change for your course but we have had a few spread throughout the year (including 2 Masters level ones).
    Placements are of course full-time, expect to be in school from 8-4.30 (at least). We have 2 block placements and 2 weeks in other school contexts.
    You will thoroughly enjoy the course though: the lecturers are fantastic and very approachable, lectures/workshops are informative (and often quite fun too!), and the support given to you whilst in school, along with the experiences themselves, are priceless! [​IMG]
    You should get an induction pack soon which will provide you with a lot more information about the course and tasks you can be doing whilst waiting for it to start. If I can give you any advice for now, it would be to start practising for QTS tests, brush up on your general subject knowledge (especially those areas you feel weakest in) and familiarise yourself with educational policies and guidance (e.g. NC, ECM, National Strategies).
    Well done for getting on the PGCE and I hope this helps!
  6. Many thanks for this it is extremely helpful! Yes I heard that lectures run for approx 3 1/2 days per week so you get a day and a half for directed reading etc.I'll be commuting from Leicester so just trying to work out how many days I'll have to travel up to Derby.
    Is there anyone on here who is currently doing the early years route who could provide an insight into the assignment topics? I'd like to start doing some pre-course reading asap to get a head start for this tough year ahead!
  7. The essays could easily change between now and starting but you have essays on various subjects, so foundation subjects (Humanities) and core subjects (english/maths and science).
    I wouldn't advise that you worry about these too much as you will have lectures and seminars before the essays to explain the requirements and you will only need to look at certain aspects. As someone else said, concentrate on revising for QTS tests (Derby recommend completing before xmas but you will be in placement from end Oct so need to be one of first things to do.) and reading on on current initiatives and your own subject knowledge - Subject is something that we are now being pushed on a lot on the course and which is something that I wished I'd spent more time on before the course.
    I also read a lot before the course - especially childrens books and I know some people on the 3-7 course that this really helped to know the back story of some childrens books. You never know when you will have a few minutes in a class to fill and picking up a book could be useful.
    Well done on getting on the course, I have children and a long communte. I am tired and spend most evenings and all my free sessions working but I don't regret applying and can't wait to get in the classroom
  8. Currently we are all in Mondays and Wednesday mornings - then we are in another full day and another 1/2 a day. I get 1 day and 2 1/2 days off classes but to be honest 1/2 of this time I spend in the library and the other 1/2 working at home.
  9. Many thanks for this - it is extremely useful! :)
  10. By the way, if anyone knows when the 2, 8 and 10 week block placements are during the year on the 3-7 course that would also be really helpful!
    many thanks...
  11. I was wondering how much choice we get in where our placements are / how far we have to travel etc? Lou x
  12. Hi again, has anyone received any info yet, other than the confirmation of acceptance from the GTTR? I want to find out more! Lou x
  13. I haven't either! When I emailed the admissions lady to accept my placeshe said she would send more info out in March which is tomorrow so I hope we hear something soon!! Sarah x

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