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Deputy Head Pay

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by devonshire lass, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Hi, I have a couple of queries that I'm hoping someone out there may be able to help with.
    Firstly, for a pay review by the Governors what evidence is considered in addition to the last two Performance Management Reviews?
    Secondly, prior to taking up the permanant role of DH in my school I was acting DH for four terms. Would my pay scale increases be taken to have started from when I was made permanant or from the beginning of the acting role. (The permanant role was advertised externally with other candidates going for the post).
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I'm not sure what you mean about your 'pay scale increases' and when they might have started from -are you thinking it might be backdated? You'd be wrong, if so. If govrnors decide to award you a pay point, it will be for this year - they do not backdate during the annual pay review.
    Furthermore, a pay review does not imply that you'll get any sort of increase at all, regardless of how good your PM review might have been. On the leadership scale your pay is reviewed annually and so the 'two reviews' relevant to threshold are not relevant here. Threshold gives an automatic right to move up the pay scale after each two successful reviews - leadership offers no such right.
    Governors usually look at all the work you've done and are looking especially for an impact beyond your ordinary job description. They will take heed of the head's recommendation about whether or not you should be given a pay point - but they can entirely ignore it if they wish.
  3. Middlemarch, thank you for such a quick reply.
    I wasn't clear - sorry. Briefly situation is that the HT put in a recommendation to pay panel that I go up a Leadership point. It was rejected with the main reason being I had already gone up 4 since I sarted as Acting DH. However it has only gone up one since being made permanant so not wanting it to be backdated, I just want to be clear that they are taking account of relevant info. As far as I see it they should only be taking account of increases from when I started the permanant role - is this right?
    I have been advised to appeal so am just in process of putting forward my case.
  4. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    They can take into account anything they like, to be honest - that you were 'acting' rather than 'permanent' is neither here nor there as far as governors are concerned. How have you had four points already? I'm not sure I'm clear on how long you've been DH.
  5. Started acting DH in Sept 08 on L1,
    Sept 09 - L3
    Got permanant post in Jan 10 - L3
    Sept 10 - L4
    (So HT recommended L5 to Pay Panel, which has been turned down).
    Advertised job pay range for Jan 10 was L2 - L6
    (just as an aside - when I was acting in Sept 08 - 09 I was L1 which turns out was lower than the highest paid classroom teacher, which I believe should not have been the case??)
  6. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Governors would possibly argue that as you received 2 pay points (was this for a specific reason?) in Sept 09, any gripe you might have had about being on L1 was sorted. You'd have to talk to your union about pursuing this now, however, if you still feel aggrieved.
    You can't really appeal on the grounds of what you have or have not been paid in the past - that's a different argument to not receiving a pay point after your annual review and I recommend you don't put the two together. The governors can turn down you (or any member of a leadership team) for a pay point if they feel your performance has not been above and beyond your job description. You need to argue that it has and give evidence for this.
  7. ICTGuy2

    ICTGuy2 New commenter

    This is the important bit. Did you put together any evidence of impact? This is something that my SLT members do annualy for the case to be made at pay review. Since you are within the scale, I see no reason why you shouldn't progress by at least one point a year providing you have 'performed' well. I know of some colleagues in other schools who have progressed by up to 3 points within their scale in a year! Indeed, the scale has even changed when they have reached the top. Depends on the school/governors I suppose.
  8. Thank you very much Middlemarch and ICTGuy.
    My HT put together the recommendation, which I read and he did say performance was above and beyond job description, maybe there wasn't enough evidence of impact.
    Thanks again for help.
  9. I would definately appeal.

    It is very strange (in my experience) for a governing body to turn down an award reccomended by the ht (i have sometimes increased it).

    The situation you describe, with presumably no explanation, is a bit rum. Firstly there is little point in having a performance related pay system, if you then do not give at least one increment to someone who has met (and exceeded) his/her targets. Secondly it could ge argued that in overturning the head's reccomendation the gb were undermining his/her ability to carry out the day to day management of the school.
  10. Must learn to spell recommend!

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