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Dept meetings for P/T secondary staff?

Discussion in 'Part-time and job share' started by scooba, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. scooba

    scooba New commenter

    Hi, I’m just over 0.5 of a timetable and our departmental meetings tend to happen on my day off. It takes me 45 mins to get to school and I have childcare to consider. I’d like to go to the meetings but does anyone know what % I’d have to attend? I know that I sets and while staff training sessions are pro-rata, but dept meetings are quite important. What do others do? What th pastoral meetings and parents evenings every few weeks it seems a lot of extra u paid hours for p/t workers!
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    You are not obliged to attend if they are on your day off, regardless of percentages. The only tally on that is the overall figure for directed time, which also includes parents evenings and things like that - it's not a separate percentage for each activity.

    By the way, inset days are NOT pro rata. You attend if they're on your working days, and not if they're not. If you work part-days, logic says you attend for the part of the day you would be in, but common sense also says that you come to a mutual agreement about that.
    If they try to tell you they're pro rata, they're wrong. You are paid for half of 195 days a year - 190 teaching days and 5 inset days. If all the inset days are on your days off, then you will be doing more than your 95 teaching days. If they're all on your full days, you'll be doing less than the 95 teaching days. If inset were pro rata, teaching days would need to be too.

    I've worked part-time in three schools, and in each the department meetings were moved to a time when the part-timer(s) could attend. It did occasionally mean lunchtimes, and we weren't having our meeting on the day designated in the calendar, but the departments were happy with that. So the first thing to ask is whether your department might move the meeting to a day when you're there at the end of the day (or a lunchtime, but this would need everyone's consent). Occasionally you get lucky and there's a slot on the timetable when everyone is free - technically PPA can't be used for meetings, but if everyone involved agrees it's probably okay.

    On one occasion, it wasn't possible to move a meeting, and there was a really important item. I agreed to go along, with my daughter in tow, and they moved the item I needed to be there for to the start of the agenda. I was lucky in living locally, and I could have organised a playdate for my child, but I was new at the time and didn't want to set a precedent for being available.

    I never had a form group, which reduced the total number of meetings. If your total number of meetings takes you over the proportion of directed time you should be working, and there aren't some you miss because you're not there (assuming they manage to move the department ones), then you need to raise the issue and agree with SLT which you will skip. For instance, if whole staff meetings are minuted anyway, they might be the most sensible, as you would often be listening rather than contributing, so reading the minutes ought to do.
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  3. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    Agree with the excellent post above from @frustum . It is amazing how many schools claim the "pro-rate attendance" line is correct when it patently is not!
    (usual caveat of employed under STPCD)

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