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depression and sore throat advise

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by jennybenny25, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. hey all!

    ok need some advise, ive had this throat problem since beginning of January and its not gone away! its like a sore throat but its hard to swallow and feels swollen :S feels like there's a lump at back of it and cannot talk loud as it hurts... tried strepsils etc and no good! hot drinks help but not for long.... what can i do??

    also i have been up and down on the teaching front- im a trainee and feel like giving up and going to another career :( then today i felt ok with it like i can stick with it (even if dnt go into teaching after) grr i hear its normal to go up and down but this bad? also lost my nan a month ago so maybe its just grief setting in :s uni tutor is not supportive so cannot talk to him about worrys- any help on how to get over those down days??

    many thanx for reading this

  2. Throat first of all.
    If you have pain you should not be talking AT ALL. Do not use throat sweets under any circumstances. Drink warm honey lemon and ginger every morning and wear a scarf at all times.
    Get yourself down the doctor.
    As for 'getting over the down days'.....you are grieving. You can't just get over these down days. They will be very difficult and it is only normal to be struggling at times. Yes teaching has huge highs and lows (some times of year there will be more lows than highs) but this is only exaggerated by other difficulties in your personal life. There are many days when I could easily pick up my bag, walk out of the classroom and never look back and many others when I couldn't love it more if I tried!
  3. hey!

    took your advise and i have got goitre and need a blood test to see if i have under active thyriod :( herd it could be due to iodine intake- how do you get more in your diet??

    i am scarred of blood tests!

  4. There is an thread on under active thyroid; take a look you may find some useful bits.
  5. many thanx i had a look and defo have the tiredness too:) thing is tho i am scarred of blood tests :S only had one and i fainted after! plucking the courage to go....

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