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Departments not getting NQTs through induction

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by irishpsychic, Jun 10, 2011.

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    A fair few of us on this forum have been told we are failing or similar;
    many (myself included) have managed to get early release, so that we can try to
    resurrect our career hopes in another school. We have all worked hard,
    and got our student debts, in order to enter the profession. But many
    have been unsupported, or bullied, or given ridiculous class combinations - and
    if we fail our ONE YEAR we can never again teach in state schools.

    And yet, what is the consequences for the department/faculty/school we were
    in? We fail our year - we are out. Their NQT fails, they continue as before,
    even if it happens continuously. Who monitors and inspects the induction
    process. The PGCE you have your college to give extra support - and they
    have OFSTED to monitior them. But induction - seems to be noone :(

    My former department - has now had 7 NQTs - and yet only 1 has passed
    induction (and her new school put her back on an induction programme).
    There have been no changes, reforms, comments on the mentors and HoD - nothing
    has been done - and surely a pass rate of 15% is not just down to the NQTs.

    I raised this issue with the County Induction Manager when he came to visit
    me. I was told that I would need to give them an interview - nobody said
    anything about being observed in a lesson - and the one the HoD arranged was
    one where I had not even been told whta topic I would be teaching them that day
    (1 lesson per fortnight out of 4, outside my main subject).

    And County's view - I was "happy with my induction
    programme". Err no - I was and still am furious with the HoD and
    school. I risk losing my career, and am now doing supply as there are few
    jobs - and yet they sail on with no cares. AHHHH!

    How can schools with such a poor record of induction be allowed to continue
    taking NQTs; or those who do not pass in them have to suffer the consequences,
    with no chance in the future.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Not Psychic

  2. Ahhhh - sorry about the formatting. Wrote the post in word and can't seem to get rid of the starting junk. :(
  3. I can't talk for other schools or LEAs but we have a Quality Assurance Assessment on Monday - someone is coming to examine a selection of folders, interview a selection of NQTs, interview a selection of mentors and interview the Professional Tutor with a view to ensuring that our induction programme meets their standards and expectations.

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