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departmental handbook

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by psw101, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hi there, Can anyone help out with a departmental handbook for RE? Its a new one for me to do and would appreciate any help.

    Many thanks!
  2. http://re-handbook.org.uk/section/managing/managing-and-leading/developing-an-re-handbook This will help
  3. Hi, I would suggest that you use the agreed syllabus for your area as a basis (available from your Local Authority -all are different)- this should give you an outline of what the aims of RE are in your area and what the particular focus is (presuming your school follows the locally agreed syllabus)- it should also have things like background information of the demographic of your area (giving context to the RE which is taught in schools in that area), information on levels and probably samples of schemes of work. This will cover at least up to KS3 and may have info on KS4 as well. If you are teaching secondary I would also have details of what exam board/syllabus etc you are following and copies of schemes of work. In addition to that I usually put in details such as who you have teaching RS, if they are a specialist/non-specialist, which groups each person teaches (probably easiest to include copies of their timetables), how many hours of RE students get in each year group (important when comparing examination results with other subjects who probably get more time). Hope this helps. If you are struggling ask if your Local Authority has an RE advisor -many do -they will be able to give you advice and will probably be able to arrange to come into school to help if you need them..depends on where you are in the country. I am in Leicester, my RE advisor is great, very helpful. Hope this helps !
  4. It seems that RE advisers are becoming an increasingly rare species....you're certainly lucky to have one in Leicester!

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