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Department Websites

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by derbylamb, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering if anyone else uses a maths department website with students/parents etc? We have one within our VLE that is basically just sitting there with nobody using it. Anyone have any fancy ideas of things I could do with it?

    Any help appreciated

  2. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    Just one?! Over the past three years the school has made us develop the following areas: external website department area, VLE Curriculum Portal, VLE department webpage, VLE department Resource Area, VLE Revision Portal resource area, Shared drive for student access, Shared drive area for staff access. So we have seven areas to dream up some stuff for! SEVEN!

    You're welcome to look at my school stuff: http://www.salesian.surrey.sch.uk then click on 'Student' 'Curriculum Portal' then 'Maths' should get you there.
  3. David Getling

    David Getling Senior commenter

    Not a fancy idea, But I would be tempted to set up a page showing what homework had been set and when it was due, and let the parents know about it. Then little Jonny won't be able to tell his parents that the teacher doesn't set any.
  4. Adam, interesting that you use the Frog system but have everything available to the public via your homepage. All of our webpages can only be accessed from within the VLE - meaning parents can't access them. We have a similar set up to yours (not all departments online yet) - but I can't share it as it can only be accessed via login. Hmmm.

    Homework information could definitely be built in - I like the idea of parents subscribing to an RSS feed constantly telling them about their children's homework.

    We've recently uploaded all past papers to issuu.com and embedded them for online viewing on the site. Soon every single resource we use in each lesson is going to have to go on there. Lots of work.

    It does lead me to wonder whether anyone will actually use it.
  5. Take back everything I said about not making it public. I've just realised how to do it! Will share once I've confirmed that it's acceptable to make all of the contents externally available.
  6. KYP

    KYP New commenter

    Copyright issue? I think these must be password-protected, not open-access. Adam, I suspect the same may be true for some of the resources on your school site.
    Having made this caveat, we have most of our resources on Moodle. The added bonus is that student access can be checked - very useful for parents' evenings, academic monitoring and so on. I had one student who assured me they were going to work hard on their maths over the Easter holidays - and accessed the site for the only time the day they came back to college.
  7. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    Agree with KYP re copyright issues.

    We also have Moodle and I have this very evening been looking at Moodle reports - Year 10 have been busy! They have an exam tomorrow!
  8. Have looked deeply into the copyright issue - edexcel state - Centres may save copies of Edexcel materials onto their intranets or micro-sites provided they observe the following conditions - 'past question papers and mark schemes are retained on intranets or micro-sites for no longer than 5 years after the examination series for which the question paper was produced '. So as long as it not available publically and is kept within the VLE system on a microsite there shouldn't be a problem?
  9. On top of the good suggestion listed previously:
    • Parent contact form to ask questions
    • Good learning/revsion site links
    • Downloads for homework and extension material
    • Numeracy resources for parents
    • Suggested books to read
    • A section championing kids who are making an impact whether its abaility/attitude/improvement
    • A Link to adult learning (ie GCSEs for Adults) to encourage parents learning
    • Links to functional sites (like the Cambridge one) to show why maths is good
    • Basic news feed of good things happening to show the pages are kept up to date
    • Problem of the week/month encouragin kids to bring solutions in
  10. i can't wait for our vle to be finalised - i am sick of kids claiming they lost their homework and couldn't find me to get a copy (i am not a class teacher and am p/t)
    i was also thinking of problem of week area
    love your other suggestions βm

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