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Department has £2000 to spend in a month , will you recommend buying BoardWorks for Spanish?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by badra, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. badra

    badra New commenter

    Thanks for your advice! any other suggestions are welcome :)

  2. badra

    badra New commenter

    Thanks for your advice! any other suggestions are welcome :)

  3. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    crikey that's a lot of money: my annual budget for 2 langs is only £1000
  4. sam enerve

    sam enerve New commenter

    2 years ago I got £800 for 3 languages!

    Boardworks is OK, I suppose. Do you need anything urgently? Dictionaries, text books, software, mini whiteboards (good ones) and a boat load of pens, exercise books, some computers, digital cameras and SD cards, staff CPD (hire an expert for a day!), voice recorders, a new kettle?

    Personally, I would buy this coffee machine: http://bit.ly/A3T5A6
  5. badra

    badra New commenter

    Haha! We have a new headteacher that said to us that if we are willing to disperse our classes within the faculty instead of paying for covers, he will give us the savings!
    So we did and now each faculty is getting £3000 to spend and each member of staff £ 100 to spend on what they want(school related of course)
    I'm not to keen on boardworks as I don't think it's worth the money but on verra!

  6. - Rosetta Stone
    - The Michel Thomas for Schools courses (C'est Possible!/Es is gut!?...)
    - "Francophonie - Conversation with Native Speakers" Yale University Press
    - Graded readers
    - Mini video cameras so pupils can make films/documentaries in the TL about the local town/their school/their home/family
  7. Subscription to Espanol Extra
    Buy a subscription to online progress tests for GCSE self marking practise (if you do AQA)
    Buy student workbooks for homework depending on which text book you use
    For G & T pupils pay for someone with another language (Mandarin/Portuguese) to come and do after school course for 6 weeks (we are doing this)
    Dictionnaries to be kept in reserve
    Trip somewhere for pupils (subsidised)
    I have tried boardworks, think it is pretty useless but each to their own.

    If none of those help, you could always make a charitable donation to our MFL department!!! :)
  8. TaskMagic? http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/
  9. badra

    badra New commenter

    I have Task MAgic 2 and would love to upgrade it but my colleague wants to spend it on Boardwork!
    Thanks everybody
  10. mlapworth

    mlapworth Occasional commenter

    Hmmm if you've got £2000 to spend, you only need about 10-15% of it to upgrade to TM3.

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