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Department Handbook

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by ms media, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Dear All,
    I am a fairly new teacher and have been HOD for a year now too. My line manager is also new to the school and is not a specialist in my subject area (Media) and I had very little hand over from the previous HOD. As a result, I feel like I am winging it quite a bit!
    Our department has no handbook to speak of, and its been on my to-do list a while (v little time to do even the basics). I have an idea of some of the very specific things to our school and department to put in, but can anyone give me examples of things you have in yours?
  2. i have a hard copy of a handbook for media.. has not been updated for a while. I inherited it and don't know if it is any good. but am willing to post you a copy.Leave an email address and I will contact you about it.
  3. atwoodfan

    atwoodfan New commenter

    All sorts of things are in ours (some more useful than others if I'm honest)
    Departmental policies on anything from marking to behaviour etc. etc.
    Staff structure (it's a large department)
    Copy of timetables so people know what is on where
    Planner for year with sections for KS3 / KS4 / KS5
    Copies of any initiatives (internal or from government) we are following / trialling
    Recommended wider reading for students at different levels
    List of useful websites
    Plan for development of department i.e. targets linked to OFSTED / whole school stuff
    What I would do is start with something simple (i.e. whatever you feel are the absolute essentials) and then gradually build it up over time, so that you have evidence that you have identified a need and resolved it, but then over time new ideas etc. will spring to mind.
    Ask those in your department what they would use / find useful to refer to...
  4. I can email a copy of mine if that'd be helpful
  5. Thanks very much for your help guys. Have sent private messages with my email to the two of you that offered to send me your handbooks.
  6. Hi, Just returned to school after lengthy time off due to surgery and been asked in the last week of term for a departmental handbook for media studies - any chance of emailing me a copy of yours. Would be eternally grateful!
    Many thanks
    Mike pleyben2@aol.com
  7. Can I see a copy of it
  8. Please can I have a copy of that if that's OK. Did a really brief version last year but would be interested to see how it can be improved and added to.
  9. jpefischer

    jpefischer New commenter

  10. ashmcg19

    ashmcg19 New commenter

    i'd really appreciate a copy too, please.

    ash :)
  11. ashmcg19

    ashmcg19 New commenter

  12. leapingtim

    leapingtim New commenter

    If teaching and learning are good and you are having an impact on kids' lives then why do you need a handbook? Please let go of the old formalities and have confidence in your ability as a teacher and a leader. Bits of paper mean nothing.
  13. I am a new HOD could you email me the department Handbook. It would really help me.

  14. Sent, finally, to all.
    Why have one? Because it brings together the department's ethos and vision of teaching and learning, and provides an easy place to go for relevant aspects that members of the department may well need to know (or in some cases be reminded of). How, (and why), do we do this? It's in the handbook - from APP owards. Also useful when indulging in brinkmanship with those higher up the food chain...
  15. Hi,
    Just read your message and would LOVE a copy of your Media handbook if poss.
  16. Could you e mail one to me please, I'm not a specialist and have the joyous responsibility of teaching the whole school. Now they want a handbook, grrr!
  17. I would love a copy too


    thank you sooooo much!!
  18. Hi,
    I am also a new HOD of a subject that isn't my specialism (I'm not teaching it either!) I would be eternally gratefull for a copy.

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