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Dentists..... not for the squeamish!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by anon4561, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Can anyone help? It's not that I'm phobic about dentists, but I've got a severe gagging reflex. They only have to put the mirror in my mouth, and I start retching.

    I managed to get a lot of work done a few years ago in another town, where i"d built up a relationship with a very patient dentist, but usually, the crankier or more impatient dentists get, the more I want to throw up.

    The only way I coped, even with the nice dentist, was to have the maximum amount of valium allowed, which helped a lot.

    I'm in a new area now, and have been avoiding seeing the dentist for a couple of years, in spite of having a chipped front tooth, which I really need to see about

    I've googled it, and some people say that throat sprays work. Has anyone else suffered from this, and found anything that actually worked?

    I've tried hypnosis at the dentist (didn't work) and saw a psychologist, who basically said it was a strong reflex and she couldn't help

    If I go to get my chipped tooth fixed, I know that I'll need to have impressions taken, and I just can't bear the thought of it.

    Any advice appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    What about sedation? My SIL is a dental nurse and I know they offer sedation at the practice she works at.
  3. s249

    s249 New commenter

    Yep- find a dental sedation clinic. It doesn't cost any more in my practice and i'm the same as you!
  4. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    I've tried the throat spray - I'm afraid it triggered my gagging reflex. Not pleasant. I'd go for the shedloads of valium.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I did try a clinic that did sedation a few years ago, but it was such a mild sedative, that it made no difference. I ended up having to go in for a general anaesthetic when my wisdom tooth broke under extraction, and I was gagging so badly that they just couldn't finish. Obviously I can't have a GA everytime I want dental work done, so feeling a bit stuck. Also nervous about turning up at a new dentist, and saying "Oh, can you give me a valium prescription?" in case they think I'm a drug addict (though I suppose they could phone the nice dentist i had a few years ago, who would explain....
  6. I really sympathise. Would it be impossible to go back to the original dentist in the holiday? Keep us posted. My dentist has said he can't do any major work for the same reason. I hadn't thought about sedative, which would seem obvious, so thank you for that!
  7. s249

    s249 New commenter

    Really? When they sedate me I loose most of the day.

    When I last had quite major work done I lost the whole day, can't remember any of it.

    When I last had a sedative just for moulds, I just lost the few hours afterwards.

    Maybe try again?
  8. ljr

    ljr New commenter

    My 25 yr old daughter has to be sedated even for a clean & polish. She never remembers a thing and has to have someone with her for 24hrs. It costs her a lot, but its the only way a dentist is ever going near her mouth.
  9. Thanks. No, I'm in NSW, and the lovely dentist was in Victoria, which is a two day's drive away, or a flight. To be honest, I've thought about it, but I'd need several visits, so its just not really viable.
  10. Yes! The sedative they gave me at one dentist's was useless. It was some stupid oral spray thing which was supposed to relax me. It was milder than the valium. I basically need to find a dentist that will do deep sedation.

    Still, starting this thread has at least made me look up local dentist on the internet, so I'll phone a few, and explain my problems and see what they can offer.

    Thanks everyone else for replies. I'll post back and report on how I get on. x
  11. Well, I've finally made an appointment. Unfortunately they don't do sedation, but apparently they have quite a few gagging patients, and the dentist I'm seeing is very good with children! Lol! Wednesday.... probably back to the valium then....am a bit (well, extremely) nervous.
  12. Have you tried just keeping your eyes tight shut the whole time you're in the dentist's chair, so you don't even see the instruments they are sticking in your mouth?
  13. I went to the dentist. He was VERY good, as was his dental assistant. She told me to hum.... I'd read about this, but always thought that humming in the dentist chair would be a bit strange, but since they told me to I did. For some bizarre reason, the theme tune from 'The Archers" came into my head! I haven't heard that in 20 years!!!!!!

    He just did an examination, but was extremely careful to not let the mirror touch my teeth. I had an X-ray, but just an OPG... I can't tolerate sticking that white bit of plastic in my mouth. I've to go back on Monday, for a thorough clean, and a further chat about my options.. he said that he'd take things very slowly... so will see how it goes.....
  14. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    It sounds promising so far [​IMG]
  15. @15 What's an OPG? Am awaiting an appointment for Big Work (= big money too), arising from poor treatment in my youth, rather than neglect more recently. I just want it over and done. I can't imagine sitting still for any length of time without coughing or choking as I usually do, especially during hygenist sessions.
  16. An OPG is another sort of X-ray..but instead of making you put that white plastic card in your mouth, and doing one side at a time, you just have to bite on a plastic thing at the front of your mouth, and the X-ray whizzes round your head. (This one played music!!!!!!!!!) It's not as clear as a traditional x-ray, but I can usually tolerate it for the minute or two that it takes...I haven't had a traditional x-ray in years. I just can't tolerate it at all.

    Anyway.... off to the dentist this morning for my thorough clean..... a bit nervous....

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