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Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by beershop, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    I’m wondering where I stand - I’ve been ks1 leader in current school for 5 years and previous school 7 years. Lots of experience in leadership teams. Taught year 2 mainly.
    This year I am year 3 teacher.
    Not in ks1. Not ks leader. Just teacher.

    I’m read write inc reading leader - there will be 16 year 3s and 18 year 4s accessing rwi in ks2. Not much to lead directly.
    I’m also computing leader. Dull.

    So I’m understandably feeling a bit demoted. They already gave my ‘computing lead’ role to a new assistant head. But now nothing. I feel it’s really damaging to my CV. I’m looking forward to teaching y3 but it just isn’t sitting well with me.

    Going to speak to the head tomorrow but any thoughts? Thanks
  2. thejudgesscoresarein

    thejudgesscoresarein Occasional commenter

    If you was a KS1 Leader, why did the HT move you to KS2 without any explanation as to why this change was implemented?
    Did you hold the ‘computing leader’ role before when you was KS1 Leader? Could be that the HT is changing staff around to get experience in different roles- who knows?
    I ‘axed’ my KS Leader roles a few years back and replaced them with AHT positions- with both have a direct responsibility for a key stage. It works well.

    I would ask why the change has been made, and ask what you can do to get back up in a leadership role.
  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down about this.

    My advice is not to go in and complain, even though you feel like it!

    Try instead to go in positively, saying you want to continue the contribution that you've been making to the school, supporting pupil learning and collaborating with colleagues.

    Have some ideas of what you could do (the school improvement plan or equivalent might help you there, but also, of course, anything to do with catching up, especially for vulnerable children).

    Don't go in asking the Head to provide ideas to make you feel more valued. It's always best, when you see a problem, to go in, expose the issue, and then present possible solutions.

    Good luck
  4. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    My role has always been ks1 leader, as per the job advert 5 years ago.
    They have appointed two assistant heads so I always suspected I’d be relegated.
    computing lead and rwi lead were bolt ons to that role.
  5. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    The move is because they’ve always wanted a y2 teacher to move up to ks2 with their class for transition purposes and this year seemed to cry out for it. I totally get it. I don’t want to not do it. I will enjoy the move.

    I’m querying, I guess, whether they’re ‘allowed’ to have so negatively impacted my academic cv. Ks leader for 12 years. Then nothing. All my roles have just gradually been given to the AHT.
    agathamorse likes this.
  6. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    I’m not even sure what I want the solution to be! I should just shut up and accept the TLR for doing much less work! But I feel less valued and uncomfortable.
  7. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    So you are somebody who wants to accrue experience and bolster their CV.
    If you take this seriously, then perhaps it means the time is here to apply for a higher role yourself, like AHT in another school.
    At the moment you have lots in your recent history which is relevant. But if you continue where you are as "just" a teacher, the relevance is further away.
    You say that this is a worry, but rather than trying to change minds where you work, why not just find somewhere where they can use you precisely because of your experience?
    You kind of read like somebody who could progress to a more senior role because you enjoy the fact of leading something. If you see yourself this way, you might also look as if you are clinging to what you have.
    Just a thought to bat around. You ought to scope out some job adds for a senior post. Nothing to stop you having a look.

    Uncertain times, I guess.
    agathamorse likes this.
  8. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    You’re probably right. I always keep my eye out. I lack confidence in myself so unlikely to go for aht. Maybe this will be a good year to reassess.
  9. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    If you are speaking with your HT tomorrow, you could always ask them "could you ever see me in a senior role somewhere?". Providing you can get to that level of chattiness with them.
    Their answer could inform you about many things and in many ways, and the fact of you even asking might help your situation.
    agathamorse likes this.
  10. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    Good idea!
  11. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    Tbf - She’s already told me I should aim higher.
  12. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    So have you lost a TLR - or was this all "part of the job"?
    This is an important role, even if for only a small number of children.
    Am I correct in assuming that the full title is reading and writing inclusion leader?.

    Has there been discussion about this? If not, that is something to be slightly miffed about, although communicating this to the HT needs to be done with care.

    . This is always good. What else can you add to the school?

    HTs are "allowed" to do quite a lot, especially if your pay is unaffected.
    If you've been leading the KS for all this time for free, then maybe you ought to be looking for a job where they pay you to do it. If you plan to remain in your current role for the rest of time, why worry about your CV? You only need it when you're applying for a job.

    As @sbkrobson says.
    agathamorse likes this.
  13. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    My TLR was for ks leader. Haven’t lost it. So getting it for doing much less I guess. Computing and Reading Leader were added on in last two years.
    agathamorse likes this.
  14. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Enjoy a bit of mental space, but more will probably be needed for that TLR allowance so a pre-emptive bid might be a strategic move, but also not possible.
    agathamorse and beershop like this.
  15. cheesypop

    cheesypop Senior commenter

    Did you apply for the assistant head post?
  16. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Enjoy the year and move on to a KS leader role next year.
    Sometimes these things happen and it's nobody's fault...just the world not being fair.

    If the school has decided to go with AH rather than subject and KS leads, then you'll need to suck it up or move on. (I'd go with moving on after a time of feeling hurt and fed up, but I'm not always the most sensible.)
    agathamorse likes this.

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