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Demonstration lessons, what's the point?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by cliveceltic, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Just wondered if anyone else thought this? I have been and done 2 last week and as part of the interview process and in the end it was my lack of recent experience that let me down, not my teaching. I have another next week, this time its an elimination round and after a successful lesson you may be asked to stay on for interview later that day.

    1 lesson was a full lesson, great, this was straightforward even in a mixed ability class teaching ICT in a room where I wasn't aware of computer/software issues etc. One lesson was a 20 minute inspirational maths lesson which was much harder as you can't do a full lesson in 20 minutes, especially when you start late (class returned late from assembly) and the bell goes for playtime!

    So, next week I have a 30 minute Literacy lesson to teach, Y4, stimulus is a photo of a castle and objective is to write exciting story openings. I guess its not that hard an ask but I really don't get the whole reason behind it. It is so fake, lesson continuity not there, don't know kids/abilities etc, HT observing along with 3 others makes children's behaviour un realistic, the list goes on. Might as well be asked to take a story time and see how you interact,

    Another reason I think this is was that I got a dep head job after a demo lesson 4 years ago and then walked out of the school just before half term. I didn't get a realistic view of the children and the HT didn't get a realistic view of my teaching.

    Sorry to rant, just about to write another application and plan my demo lesson for next week.

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