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Delivering a vocational qualification in 9 months

Discussion in 'Vocational' started by ah786786, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. ah786786

    ah786786 New commenter


    We are looking into the possibility of getting our Year 11 students to do a vocational qualification from the approved list of qualifications that count towards the performance measures.

    Are there any such qualifications available that can be delivered and assessed within 9 months that would help contribute towards the school performance measures? ECDL would have been an option but is not on the approved list following the debacle.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. chwinc

    chwinc New commenter

    Schools should be teaching them to read write,maths, Metalwork,woodwork,brickwork and home economics like it was in my days.Leave the vocational subjects to FE Colleges.Due to the failure of schools we in FE have to teach them to read and write ,vocational subjects are being put on the back burner!
  3. happilyconfused2

    happilyconfused2 New commenter

    No other provider wants to go the way of EDCL.

    I agree cut subjects and focus on core subjects. Every school is panicking about Progess 8 when some students just need to focus on 5 A*-C grades or 9-4.
  4. DC1346

    DC1346 New commenter

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