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Delighted of Dukhan

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by moscowbore, May 21, 2009.

  1. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    surey asking at interview should settle any uncertainties
  2. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    As I said, you are applying for a job with an oil company, not a school. The peculiarities of the way teachers have to resign 7 months before they leave is not a concern for QP. QP employ engineers in this way and the same process is applied to teachers. I had to resign with no actual job offer. We all did. Please ask questions at your interview.
  3. I appreciate your point, Qatarsoon, but it is a pity that the company can't allow for the teacher resignation dilemma....when one has a family and a secure post (albeit a post which one wants to leave!) it is extremely nerve-wracking to consider taking such a gamble!
    However, we really, really do want this opportunity, if offered. Dukhan appears to tick all our boxes as teachers/a family ie a good school in an exciting state of expansion which new members of staff can make a positive mark on, a ready-made family social life, a fantastic climate, free accommodation/leisure facilities - and not forgetting the tax-free salary which means we may actually be able to save - and have the occasional holiday, too!!

  4. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    Everybody who gets employed here says the same thing year after year. It will never change. I wish you luck and perseverance motspur.
  5. qatarsoon is absolutely spot on. This is an oil company first and foremost and we certainly don't complain at all the benefits we get that are unheard of for most teachers. If you are the kind of person who says that they will not accept this and that and MUST be treated differently, it is not going to be the job for you. QP runs on corporate systems and doesn't make exceptions because teachers demand it. If you are up for an adventure and are prepared to trust them, this is a wonderful place to live and work, it takes a bit of getting used to initially if you haven't worked in the ME before but it is a fantastic quality of life that makes it very difficult for us to leave, especially to return to the UK. Good luck to all of you, I hope you enjoy living here as much as the rest of us
  6. By the way has anybody got a job offer from Dukhan yet?
  7. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    And it helps enormously that the shop inside the compound now sells walkers cheese and onion crisps cheaper than you can buy them in the uk. i may never leave.
  8. just interviewed a few days ago so a bit early to expect an offer...anyway, like the sound of the place, great kids, growing school, new facilities planned etc etc....but not sure about returning to the desert after three years of experiencing the seasons in the UK...although would be nice to return to sunshine again...worked Doha before so understand ups and downs, very tempted because of quality of life (Walkers crisps also a temptation!!), any other staff there with young kids? (6 and 4)
  9. Hiya... I have had an Interview For Dukhan a few days ago as well. It sounded good in General. However its very hard to make a guess.

    I have 3 Kids age of 5-3-1 years> They were positive about it and said that I can fit one more in as well :)

    when do you think that we should hear about the job offer? is it by the end of this month or something?

    It will be the first time for me to teach abroad if I got the job but I have been to Qatar before and I kinda know what to expect.
    I really wana the job and really hope to get it.
  10. I think all candidates have been interviewed. Offers first week in March I think. Over 80 candidates interviewed in UK, others in Qatar.
  11. So I take it it's a bit late to apply for the coming year?
  12. nuts88

    nuts88 New commenter

    do they do a 2nd round of job interviews, or have I missed the boat this year??
  13. From what i was told, decision time is this week and all interviews will have been done now.
  14. Been offered the job, very excited, now in the quagmire of do I don't I resign because of the whole complex Dukhan thing...anyone else likely to be arriving in Dukhan in August?
  15. Still waiting. When did you hear?
  16. Heard yesterday, but we had been told end of the month as an approximate time for a final decision. Apparently they have just completed the interviews for the particular jobs that we were going for.
  17. It's agonising.
  18. I'm still waiting too.
  19. I got the job as well. been called yesterday. the agency said that they will email me the medic. info so I can contact them and arrange an appointment with them. Didnt happen yet though!!
    but over all I am excited really.
  20. has anymore offers been made?

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