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Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Petite Joueuse, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Has anyone any experience of these qualifications?
    Am I right in thinking that an A Level is more or less the equivalent of B2?
  2. Yes. Well, those pupils who achieve a grade A or B are most likely to have reached B2.3 of the CEFR for languages.
    I have taken the DELF/DALF examinations, and they are very good indicators of language ability. Using this system for languages is much more consistent globally than are examinations such as GCSEs and A-Levels.
  3. I would like to see my pupils taking an exam like DELF....but at £50 a go, this is unlikely. The school cannot afford it and I doubt if parents would be prepared to pay, unless the pupil actually needs the qualification (to enrol at a French university, for example).
  4. I've done the DELF B2 and was told by the Alliance Francaise that it is higher than A2 Level. It is supposed to be equivalent to the exams you would take at the end of your second year at university with C1 being equivalent to graduate level after spending a year abroad.
    I have A Level French and found the DELF B2 much harder than the A- Level exam!
  5. doha

    doha New commenter


    We offer Delf A2 to our y11FT, who took GCSE at the end of y10 and who do not wish to take AS FT in y11. B1 is equivalent to AS, B2 to A2. I really like these examinations as they are challenging and use "real" French language instead of these ready made sentences which must contain connectives/intensifiers/opinion etc and that French teenagers never use!
    If you wish to take the DELF exam, make sure that you use the DELF scolaire which is suitable to teenagers (the other one if for adults)
  6. What about UCAS points?
    As much as I loved languagesin 6th form, I wouldn't have taken DELF if it meant I couldn'tstudy French at uni....

    Just a thought.
  7. doha

    doha New commenter

    It goes towards UCAS points.. we've checked it before implementing it!
  8. doha

    doha New commenter

    I tried to email you but it's not working... will try again later
  9. Hi

    In our school we have students who have passed the GCSE French at 14 so they do the B1 and B2 DELF for 2 years to 16 while students will less French do the GCSE at 16.

    Instead of carrying on with French A Level some give up the language to study other subjects but they would like the DELF scores recognised by UK universities.

    However, neither the DELF or any Coucil of Europe CEFR language courses are listed on UCAS tariff tables. We have been in touch with UCAS and they say it is the responsibility of the French Education Nationale which sets the DELF exams to contact them to request equivalence. Being based in France, I cannot see this happening in a hurry.

    If you have some documentation or letter from UCAS you could let us have to help us jump this hurdle we would appreciate it.

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