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Deleting threads - a new approach?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by stopwatch, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Come on TES moderators, no comment? would this work? would you do it?
    I have seen these methods used on other similar sites and it works.
  2. I take it that those were rather more democratic sites with a stronger community spirit, rather than one which seeks to enforce a strict separation between governed and governors, despite the administration depending entirely on the goodwill and participation of the members.

    Am I being cynical in seeing parallels TES board moderation and poor school management?
  3. It costs so much money to advertise now that TES is probably even more sensitive to biting the hand that feeds it by allowing people to post potentially derogatory comments about its clients on another part of its website.
  4. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    A word in defence of the TES moderators.
    On a number of occasions I have joined in the general mudslinging and the popular sport of insulting the TES moderators. However, is it just possible that we (and I include myself here) are being just a tad unfair?
    The TES Overseas Teaching website has very clear rules that always appear when you log onto this site. Naming specific schools or individuals is not permitted. Yes, you may indeed decide to break the rules and name a specific school and/or and individual, but it then it seems to me to be rather churlish and even childish to whine and moan when your comment is then deleted. Yes, it is true that some threads that name names do not get deleted straight away. Perhaps the moderators do not work in the evenings and at the weekends. Maybe sometimes they even go away on holiday. Perhaps they have some interesting hobbies, such as crochet or making things out of matchboxes, and so there are one or two other things that take up their time. As a result, they do not give 100% of their time and effort to the task of deleting unsuitable threads from this forum. Would everyone be happier if the moderators worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, constantly monitoring every thread on this forum and immediately deleting every single one that mentioned any school or any individual? Would this stop all of the complaints?
    No one forces you (or anyone else) to write anything on this forum and it is free. You do not pay anything for the pleasure and the privilege of seeing your words appear on the TES Overseas Teaching forum. If you do not like the moderators' deletions, then I would recommend that you stop using this forum immediately and go to the ***'s forum. The *** forum is also free and no one ever deletes anything, unless it is very offensive.
  5. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    So TES mods, you have now deleted my thread '.... and now for schools in Dubai' which just listed some of the Dubai schools but with no comments.
    You are like silent stalkers.
    Please tell us why you can't take the approach I have suggested.
  6. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    People are getting angrier and angrier.
    TES help us out - please.
  7. bbibbler

    bbibbler New commenter

    Stopwatch, you are just one person, you are getting angrier and angrier.

    Read the notice at the top of the screen, you may not mention any school by name, if you don't like playing in this schoolyard, find another one.

    Several old threads have been lost recently by people upping them to make a point. Any thread that makes it to the front page and mentions a school will be deleted.

    Tes is a business, one of it's main income streams is from advertising, they cannot risk losing yet more job ads because you believe in free speech at their expense.
  8. And thank goodness for that.
    You should read his comments on Opinion on gay couples sleeping together in B&Bs and/or under any roof (that he is near) for that matter.
    Phew...waiting to exhale.
    What a scary forum!!!
  9. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Ouch x 2!![​IMG]
  10. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    I think you may be wrong. My thread was started as a response to other people complaining over a long period of time about threads being pulled, particularly where no justifiable reason can be seen. I don't think I am on my own with this.
    (I have only ever hard one thread pulled and that was because I was playign Devil's advocate).
    It was more specifically in response to another recent thread started I think by David Getling (title ended in the word PATHETIC - caps are his not mine). The thread is still around somewhere.
    I am not asking for nil deletion, I realise that negative comments might (justifiably?) be deleted when it refers to a TES customer.
    If you read my thread from the beginning you will see I am asking for a more reasonable and comprehensive approach from TES rather than a black and white version. Besides, the other thing that happens is a lack of consistency - there are still threads on the first page today which name schools which have been left on.
    Me? Angry? I don't do angry (at least I try not to, usually successfully). It is just a waste of energy.
    I prefer to aiim for calm and considered.
    I do like your schoolyard analogy. I have been out on the playground for a while now. I like it. There are lots of fun boys and girls to play with. I think I will stay............. is that OK?
  11. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    I think you sound a bit like a pllayground snitch (Sir, Sir Stoppers is being naughty on the other playground - go look!)
    What is the point of bringing something from another forum, into this one?
    Why didnt you put this comment on the thread in question?
    I am sure, if people want to check out your little tale, they will.
    However, I do think you have taken a more than slight Daily Mail approach to your comment - take out the juicy bits, attempt to sensationalise them, add your own bit ('and/or under any roof that he is near').
    I won't spend too much time on this other to say my comments there are literally an expression of my own feelings on the subject. Unlike others you will see that I am not saying I am right, or that others should think the same as me, just putting my standpoint across. After all it is the 'opinion' forum - correct?
    It could be seen as a 'scarey' place. There are some very extreme views and comments there. I find them more thought provoking and even entertaining than scarey.
    Anyway, the bells gone, we better get in off the playground quickly. It's double PE with Mr Pharoah next. He goes mad when your late.....................
  12. Always find it worrying when an 'opinion forumist' pops over to here. Opinion sorts talk about how they would solve the world's/Britain's/people's/education's/every f*£"$%*g problem there is with no real ambition or hope to do so.
    Here on overseas, it's a case of bit of banter, bit of a laugh and where not to go and where not to work. Oh, and where to go and live and work.
    Their opinions, like they are on opinion, are irrelevant.
    Poor wankers.
    6 of the best for you, Stoppers...LATE AGAIN!
  13. This is so boring so...Dubai College is ****.

    How long before it's deleted.
  14. No it isn't (boring and Dubai College being cr4p).
    If you have nothing witty or helpful to say oldgit, go and eat a portion of your own poo.

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