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define unreasonably demanding discipline problems, observations and mentoring

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by mstarky, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. <font size="3">Hi</font> I am in my second term at school and everyone says this is easier but I have just gone into meltdown. The department has taken on three NQT's and I have got the worst timetable (possibly because I was the known quantity). However all but one of my classes gives me constant behaviour issues. The students in the classes I teach are at the top of the behaviour management system and 12 hours of these are KS4 so big lads, (didn't get any year 7) , I have experienced fights (i.e. the type that cause broken hands, arms and blood on desks), bad language and a general undermining of character and confidence that now ensues. I achieved good GCSE results from November but now have been given a class of challenging year 11 to work on until May. I have noticed that the guidance states an NQT must not on a day-to-day basis, be presented with discipline problems that are
    unreasonably demanding, and I was wondering if anyone could define this further. I do not have one day where I do not have at least two classes that offer behaviour problems (ie a selection of the top students on the behaviour system)
  2. I'm an NQT and not really in the same situation, but i just wanted to say i feel your pain.
  3. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through.
    I am a secondary NQT in the same situation. We just had OFSTED this week and i was observed with a horrible, and i mean horrible, year 9 groups. The kids totally stood me up as usual and i got an unsatisfactory. The inspector basically told me to leave the school as i was getting no support. The school have tried for an odd lesson to observe and help but nothing comes of these kids that just dont give a dam about you, your lesson or to be honest their lives.
    The ofsted inspector told me it was totally unacceptable to be treated like that by the students and it sounds like its the same for you. She made me feel a lot better in myself that we are not miricle workers and we are there to teach and not have abuse thrown at us. This has made me today feel like yes.... shes right why should i take kids shouting in my face and refusing to do my class?!
    Her advice: take it to senior management then if not the head, then if not even further (i have no idea what 'even further' means.) She told me to leave the school as she does not want to see an NQT wanting to give up or loose motivation for teaching.
    It sounds like you are a brilliant teacher, passionate and caring and the school recognise this. But sometimes it is unfair what they expect you, and any other teacher, to do.
    I don't know what my advice is apart from you shouldnt be putting up with it. Your NQT mentor should be there for you. I would book an appointment with him/her tomorrow. Explain the situation and keep going and going and going until they listen to you and you get some support. You have nothing to loose and it is what you deserve. As you say you may not even have a job next year so make this year count! And i think the school will be impressed with how you want to change your lessons and learn.
    1 last piece of advice, try and get a contact with another local secondary. Try and get an afternoon or morning off to go and observe some lessons. It will get you out of there, get some advice on teaching low ability students, give you a break and hopefully just get some perspective on things. This is the best thing i have done and hope to do it more often.
    Good luck, let me know how it all goes. And remember as quoted from an ofsted inspector 'you are there to teach and someone else should do the behaviour management!'

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