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Defer PGCE to 2021?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Hopefulteacher20, May 24, 2020.

  1. Hopefulteacher20

    Hopefulteacher20 New commenter

    I'm devastated that this is even a thought I'm contemplating but looking for honest opinions on what you think a SCIIT PGCE will look like for the next year...I'm worried that given the circumstances we're in the support and experience won't be there this year and how that will affect me going through to my NQT year.

    I already know it's likely I won't get into school as soon as I would have done and obviously teachers at the moment are learning a new way of working themselves. Just looking for honest thoughts and opinions please!
  2. inkymark

    inkymark New commenter

    I am finishing a SCITT course at the moment and, what I am doing at the moment with remote teaching, in no way matches the work I was doing prior to the school closure. While I will hopefully get my QTS, I am not sure how prepared I am really for school life as an NQT. Not happy really with the whole thing so, unless you are looking for a period of constant change, which the next 12 months will be, I would say hold-off from doing the PGCE. If you do go ahead, then on the plus side, you will learn a hell of a lot but on the negative side, you may not get as much in-class time as you would like and, take it from me, behaviour management in the classroom is totally different to that on Microsoft Teams/Google Classroom! It also depends on which SCITT you have chosen and how they are going to support you over the PGCE so perhaps have a chat with them about how they are intending to run things - especially in the light of the need for social distancing, etc. They may not have firmed up their offering at the moment but they may be able to given you some high level idea of how things may work.
  3. 43Meadows

    43Meadows New commenter

    I think that you should just go for it this year if your heart is set in it and you have everything in place. The autumn term is getting used to how school works, observing, low level teaching, ramping up in spring, in my experience anyway. Most of the support comes from the uni, even for trainees who go through an alliance, and a lot of it is self directed.
  4. safnor

    safnor New commenter

    I was in doubt too but have decided to go ahead with it. I feel like it’s the right time for us as a family. I have young children and it would work well in our long term plan
    Of course I am nervous about what it will all look like. But I know that everyone is adapting and learning. And if anything pursuing shows you are resilient l, resourceful and good at adapting to change. All excellent qualities needed for a teacher
    43Meadows likes this.
  5. Fresa82

    Fresa82 New commenter

    I’ve just finished a SCITT. What appealed to me about a SCITT was the extra time spent in school compared to a university course.

    Even though my time in school was cut short, I still feel I have had a good chunk of experience in a classroom before my NQT year starts in September. Obviously I would have liked more classroom time before September, but as on my SCITT we were in our home schools from the first Inset day in September, I have had as much time in school as possible.

    If I was in your position I would defer for a year. As another poster said, the remote teaching I have been doing in no way compares to classroom teaching and if this is what would be expected of you on your SCITT I don’t think it would prepare you well for your NQT year (unless this continues for several years of course). You should ask your provider what they plan to do to prepare you for classroom teaching when that returns.

    Something else to consider is that your teacher mentor probably would not be able to dedicate as much time as needed to you due to the combination of online/in school on rota teaching and possibly teaching their own kids at home at the same time. As a trainee with young children who has continued to support their placement school this period has been extremely difficult (and this has come at the end of my training when I’ve got more experience)
  6. CocoaChannel

    CocoaChannel New commenter

    Hi Fresa82, thanks for your input. I’m due to start a SCITT in September, and it’s a case of head says no, heart says yes.

    I’m a bit older and have plans to teach for a few years before moving abroad. A year’s delay wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it’s not ideal either. It’s also the wrong way to think from a teaching perspective, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking there won’t be a great deal else to do job-wise over the next 12 months. If you’re going to be skint or in debt in 12 months, that’s not great preparation for starting a PGCE.

    Therefore, I’m going for it. I’m not even sure if a PGCE can be deferred. The process would be to withdraw the application and apply again in October. Who knows what might happen then?

    There may even be positives in this unfortunate situation. Trainees may end up doing more teaching to help out.

    If time and money weren’t such a factor, I’d pull out and reapply in 2021, but I’ve not heard of anyone doing this so far.
  7. Fresa82

    Fresa82 New commenter

    Good luck and enjoy your training year :)
    CocoaChannel likes this.
  8. CocoaChannel

    CocoaChannel New commenter

    Thanks, it’ll be different

    Any tips? I’m doing an SKE (Science) which is not as easy as people make out (but is excellent), but I am still working full time so maybe that’s a factor.

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