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Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by rolysol, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. rolysol

    rolysol New commenter

    So being Ill probably really isn't helping but I feel totally defeated. I've been crying under the duvet all weekend and that's not like me. I've been through a lot to get to where I am and I just feel helpless because my fate is in the hands of xxxxwits. I cannot get my head round why my head of dept had to 'have a word' with me because the librarian REPORTED me. The librarian reported me because one of my kids spilt ink on his resources, went to the PC to get another print, asked her for help. Why did the HOD even give this the time of day??!! I'm paranoid now and feel like everyone is against me. I love teaching but cannot deal with colleagues like this. I'm working every hour God sends and being pulled up about absolute rubbish??
  2. DivineMagic

    DivineMagic New commenter

    Don't worry. Sometimes people can be really petty but I think people get cabin fever in an environment such as a school. I read a great quote once: 'People aren't against you, they're for themselves.' Everyone has their own agenda and you just have to try to remember that and not take it personally. I was pulled up about the most trivial matter last week after working my backside off and producing some good results. It's difficult not to take it personally, but if you can let it roll off you, you'll feel a lot better.

    Good luck!
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  3. rolysol

    rolysol New commenter

    'People aren't against you, they're for themselves.'
    This is a great quote. Thank you for your support. I do need to let it roll, I'm never going to let anything affect me like that again, gave it way to much thought.
  4. mrstax

    mrstax New commenter

    Toughen up buttercup- that sounds like nothing to get hung up about. Worse people will emerge and there will be other complaints. Learn to tell people to get lost if they're crying over spilt ink- it's not your fault/ business just because the child is in your class.
    rolysol likes this.

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