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Decorating centre

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by topgirl1, May 13, 2011.

  1. topgirl1

    topgirl1 Occasional commenter

    I am thinking of setting up a decorator's centre in the summer term. I thought the children could paint their own wallpaper, colour mix, roller paint, big brushes, small brushes......

    Any more ideas please anyone?
    or does anyone know where I could get suitable signs and labels from-tried ********** but no joy

    Many thanks
  2. We did this earlier in the year... Ask parents to send in old scraps of wallpaper, paint brushes etc, collect paint colour samples from B & Q, do wellie painting, printing, measuring etc. The children loved it.
  3. Hi Topgirl

    If you send me an email with what signs, labels & any other resources you need for the roleplay area I can make them up for you.
    Email me info@tpet.co.uk and I can put them up on http://www.tpet.co.uk for you and others to download.

    Christina :)
  4. Haven't got anythine else to add, but would advise to you to do forum/google search about **********. I really cannot understand why teachers are still using that site!
  5. Ditto to the above poster, i had to tell my child's nursery about it all the other when i saw a pile of resources ready to be put up they were horrified!
    What about some sponges or pattern makers for patterned wall paper. Or making textured paper with bits of natural materials or sand/rice?
    Sounds great have fun

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