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Declined a pay rise!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by minnieminx, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I'm not sure how you have gone about this. Teachers only get a pay rise in September in the sense of moving up the pay scale. If you mean you applied for threshold and have been unsuccessful there is an appeals process, where you will need the evidence to prove you should have passed.

    Other than that pay rises tend to be on length of service.

    But if you don't have evidence to back up your case, I can't see that you will win. Or at least you will find it very tricky.
  2. Ask for a written explanation of why they refused you a Pay Rise. If the explanation is accurate, you can't do anything. If they explanation is total **** - contact your union. You are entitled to an explanation.
  3. Its two move from UPS1 to UPS2 afer two years at UPS1. I started maternity leave 6 weeks before the end of the two year period and my pay review didn't occur as it normally would. We have a new head teacher who is in their first headship and tends to run things as she chooses rather than as she should at times. I have a written explanation which is ****, for example apparently i have not maintained the communication threshold standard because I failed to infrom the school of a change of address whilst on maternity leave - in fact the house move got delayed and we still haven't moved - which I can prove.
    My concern is some small areas of things I haven't done, but in my opinion teachers are always playing catch-up and no teacher never completes everything they set out to. These are small things which I do not beleive qualify no pay rise. The second problem i have is that in spite of several requests - which again I have documented, I was not allowed opportunities to progress or lead within school, since the new head has taken over.
    Thanks for your replies and I will keep you posted.
  4. So you didn't do your job.

    You weren't given promotion when you asked for it...presumably because of the things you didn't do.

    You went on maternity leave without filling in the formalities.
    You then went crying to the Union.
    And you still think you deserve a pay rise and promotion.

    You sound like an ideal employee to me.
  5. Ignore Oldgit who, I am becoming increasingly convinced, comes on here just to dream up ridiculous advice for his/her own amusement. You don't have to meet every single target set: they are just that - targets. Your appraiser should weight up what is achieved versus what is not achieved and make a fair judgement about whether you have been 'successful' or not. Say for example that your target is to get 100% A-C grades, and three children are absent long term: you couldn't possibly be deemed to have 'failed' if the matter is out of your hands but you still did everything that you could.
  6. I don't think it's quite as simple as 'if you haven't [met the criteria] then you don't move, end of story'. The problem is that some heads pass staff without probing into whether they met every individual criteria, since they have a feeling that in general the teacher is UPS standard. Others seem grill teachers, insist on tons of evidence to be documented in PMs and find every excuse in the book not to award threshold. It's not a totally fair sysytem, and the OP might have found themselves passed by another head. I mean, not passing threshold due to the head thinking they hadn't updated their address?! Ridiculous!
  7. I was under the impression that the threshold system is now linked to performance management, and that any issues should have been raised in your last review. If they didn't keep to the PM cycle they are in a difficult position. Print off the standards and start collecting evidence of what you do do to meet them. And get you union involved.
  8. Oh and don't wait for a head to notice your untapped potential. Find a niche and fill it, go above and beyond the call of duty. Threshold teachers are supposed to make a significant and substantial contribution to the life of the school, including coaching and mentoring others.

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