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Declaring UMS module scores on UCAS

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by cookel, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. cookel

    cookel New commenter

    Does anyone know about the requirement for state school pupils having to declare the UMS points of individual modules on UCAS next year and where I can read about the full details - someone mentioned Independent schools did not have to do this in the first year but I cannot see how the UCAS form could force some students to declare and some not to declare.
    Maybe I have my wires crossed - have tried UCAS website and ofqual and googled but no luck in finding details - asking here because I am a mathematician and know that people on this forum appear to be on the ball with most things even when they are not strictly maths related!
    Thanks in anticipation.
  2. cookel

    cookel New commenter

    Have seen these articles but not clear about individual module declaration requirement and would like to know more detail - we teach Further Maths by taking C1 - C3 and M1 and S1 in year 12 followed by C4 and D1 in Jan of year 13 and then 2 or 5 more modules in June of year 13 for AS or A2 Further qualification respectively - not sure of impact of AS Further in year 13 and impact of lower UMS on C3 for weaker Further students - who are sometimes not quite mature enough mathematically to achieve 90+ on C3 in year 12.

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