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decisions decisions.

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by megerton, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. This has been a tough old time for you. It might be worth continuing your breather until you feel you are up to the stress of NQT - by the sound of it you have had more than enough to contend with. The one place I would have a chat with is your local LEA. You do not have to give much detail just say that 'due to domestic circumstances and a house fire' and say that you are not going to discuss further. Perfectly reasonable. Any intelligent person will understand.
    Supply is at a very low ebb and it is a tough old world out there at the moment. However,jobs will be coming through in the next few weeks as we are reaching peak resignation time at Easter. My understanding through the grapevine is that good teachers are sitting put and, certainly for primary schools, good candidates are hard to find. You could always consider part-time should the school offer it and you can afford to live that way.
    Whatever you decide to do, the very best of luck. However, just make sure you are up to it first.
  2. Thanks for that megerton.I have had a pretty torrid time and feel ready to dip my toes back in the water but not up to doing a full NQT year yet.

    You say that I should chat to the LEA. Who would I be looking to speak to in the department?


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