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Decision Maths AS (Edexcel) Query

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by tazza, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. tazza

    tazza New commenter

    I am confused about how or if Floyd's algorithm will be tested explicitly or could be used in the new Decision Maths specification for Edexcel. The official specification just mentions that it will not be used for odd nodes. The supporting book suggests it will be used in some sort of application. Can anyone enlighten me on how it will be used/tested? In the past specifications there was no mention of it at D1 and whilst it could be used to find the shortest route between 2 nodes it wasn't needed to be taught as most could be found by inspection easily enough. Thanks
  2. LastMinuteMaths

    LastMinuteMaths New commenter

    It is not part of AS in Edexcel, but it is in A-Level. I’m not sure where you read the bit about odd nodes, but that doesn’t make much difference to the problem. From the spec:

    When applying Floyd’s algorithm, unless directed otherwise, students will be expected to complete the first iteration on the first row of the corresponding distance and route problems, the second iteration on the second row and so on until the algorithm is complete.

    I created a lesson for Floyd’s, in case helpful:
  3. MLMaths

    MLMaths New commenter

    I checked this last week. No Floyd's Algorithm until A Level. It's not in the AS.

    There was some confusion (on my part) since the contents page of our books (Pearson) have a misprint that makes it look like Floyd is part of the AS.

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