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dear tom...what is legal and what is not....

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by learKing, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Hi
    This is a very simple safeguarding issue.
    Legally the only way you can "send home" a student (excepting stuff like contagious diseases) is to exclude then.
    You need a parent to take responsibility for the child's safety before you let them leave the site. If you cannot get hold of a parent you still hold the duty of care and have to keep the child safe !
    In some cases even if the parent says they can come home - you may need to make a professional judgement about whether they are safe to go home alone and choose to take them yourself (with another member of staff)

    If parents will not respond and the child is unmanageable on the site you could choose to call the police - this would be another way to ensure they are kept safe .
  2. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    Hi Harry
    Sorry to take so long to get back to you; fortunately the advice above is excellent. You cannot just turf kids out of school, and if you cannot get anyone to pick them up then you need to hold on to them until the bell rings. But this should never result in kids wandering around; they need to be with someone senior enough to be able keep them in one spot, sitting in someone's office perhaps. And if they need to be sent home often enough, then there really needs to be formal exclusion procedures involved if their behaviour is so severe it means they need to go home.
    Behaviour management can only succeed in schools when SLT, middle leaders, and chalkface warriors all follow the same system; otherwise we fight each other, and the naughty kids win...and therefore everyone, kids included lose.
    Good luck.

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