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Dear Tom-NQT with self harm 8yr old.

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Tweet3, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. I am in my first year of teaching and although aware that the first year was never going to be easy, I wondered if anybody had any advice/suggestions or reassurances to give on this particular situation. It is beginning to make me question my ability and future within the profession.
    I have a small yr 3/4 class in a small school. The cohort was split due to a few 'tricky' characters. One in my class is SA+ for behaviour and as a result, is visited by the LA behaviour support service. Outbursts of extreme behaviour for this individual occur numerous times throughout the day and these alone can be tiring and exhaustative to deal with. However, I feel I am coping as best as possible.
    Recently however, the child has started to self harm by hitting their head against walls, scratching to mark and punching solid objects to the point where knuckles are grazed. I have numerous strategies in place and feel I have taken on board all reccommendations given. Unfortunately, I feel I have exhausted these to the point where they are no longer supporting the child at all and feel clueless as to my next steps. I am also finding this is the conclusion other professionals are drawing. Parental involvement is the next step, they are unaware this is occuring. Sadly, due to significant complications there, I have found it extremely difficult to portray this and get support and fear that I wont either. It's a very complicated situation.
    This self harming is obviously distressing not only for the child, but for the rest of the class and myself. I dont feel that there is much more I can do in terms of supporting this child, without constantly diverting my attention away from the other members of my class. I just dont have the experience behind me.
    If anyone has any suggestions or perhaps there is something I've overlooked, I'd greatly appreciate advice.

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