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Dear Tom- New Class with challenging boys

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by clarkster09, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. clarkster09

    clarkster09 New commenter

    I've just started a new job in Year 3 and I'm a feeling slightly challenged in managing the class. I have 2 boys in particular that make it hard to teach as they are constantly interrupting or being silly to get the attention of the other children or mine.

    One of the boys , let's call him Boy A, won't sit down on his chair or the carpet and listen. He has been removed from another class and out in mine. He shouts out all the time- really silly rude things or throws things across the class during whole class inputs. I cant get through 2 minutes without him interrupting or doing/saying something really silly. I've set him different work so he can just get on with it whilst I try and teach- but he prefers to try and entertain the class. Also I'm in an open plan classroom so he just wanders in and out when he pleases. He often wanders around and annoys other children by hitting or poking them. I feel like Im constantly chases him around to get back in the classroom.

    He has his own low achievement reward system which changes each week and he has a 30 minute reward at the end of the day where he can play or do something out of his box. But he wants to do this all the time instead of his work. He will just get up and get it out- some times going in my cupboard to get it.

    The other boy , Boy B, apparently used to be 'annoying and interrupts like a 3 year old' but since this other boy has joined the class his behaviour is worse. he encourages the other boy to be silly, do nasty things. He shouts out during inputs and won't sit down to do his work now. He just likes to wander to see the other boy in the class. Again, he has his own work set so he should be able to just get on with it for a while whilst I teach the class.

    I set up reward systems for him but he isn't interesting in any form- stickers, marbles, play money etc.

    Consequence wise-
    Boy B doesn't like going out side for play or doing pe or ICT time so I can't take time away from that. None of the parents would support behaviour issues either.

    Any advice or suggestions to try would be great!
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Clearly, rewards and sanctions aren't working with these two boys. You are up against it even more because of the parents lack of support. Do you have a TA? It sounds a though these two need some individual attention to learn the skills they need to function at school. If you have a local PRU you could contact them since sometimes they are able to point people in the right direction regarding books, courses, or local help.

    Do these two boys have learning difficulties? If they are finding the work overwhelming this might be part of the cause of the disruption.

    What does your HT say about your situation?
  3. clarkster09

    clarkster09 New commenter

    I really appreciate you spending the time replying back to that essay.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a TA which makes it quite challenging. The boys are very low ability so I set them personalised work which they are more than capable of completing but generally refuse to complete. Things like- ordering numbers, match graphemes with pictures.

    Today, I kept a log of how many times I had I deal with them and it is over an A4 page of incidents which involve trying to cut someone's hair, throwing pencils, shoving people, scribbling on others work. In my 10 minute input for Literacy- I was interrupted 18 times by one of the boys. He was at his desk completing a simple activity. He sings silly songs , bangs scissors on the table - really loud distractions that I can't really talk over without shouting.

    I'm just so worried about it affecting the other children's progress because I know I can't teach them properly as I'm constantly dealing with them. I'm worried about parents complaining as the children literally run away from him in the classroom.

    Headteacher is aware they are disruptive but don't think they really understand how distracting to the rest of the class, so my friend thought of keeping a log to show them! Especially when I'm asked why my children haven't made progress!

    Thank you- will definitely investigate PRU this weekend!
  4. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi Clarkster

    Yes, it is definitely a wise idea to keep a log of what behaviours the two boys are displaying for evidence and also to try to analyse what is going on. It is a shame about not having a TA, but having a TA isn't going to find out why the boys are behaving as they do now. It sounds as though you need professional help in the form of a SENCO or educational psychologist. It might also be helpful if your HT came and observed one of your lessons, since it is true 'seeing is believing'. I can understand what is happening from your description since I have seen students in secondary school behaving in a similar manner.

    Without some professional help, you might find it hard to distinguish how much of the behaviour might be a difficulty of some type, lack of skills learned at home, or some plain defiance; it could of course be a mixture.

    You are one lone teacher and you do have other children to teach as well, so don't be ashamed to ask for help and keep asking. Get your HT involved since it is a team effort.

    Please let me know if you were able to speak to a PRU and you might get some help over on the SEN forum as well.

    All the best

    Lara mfl 05 likes this.
  5. FrostyLemon

    FrostyLemon New commenter

    Sounds suspiciously like a long term supply post I just left in Brighton! I know the chances of it are slim, but If this school is based in Brighton message me.
  6. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    For some reason Brighton has some really **** behaviour! Did alot of supply work there so...PACA, BACA, HP, DS, V?

    Let H&S be your friend - risk assess them out of your class - do it by email and CC HOY, HOD, SENCO, HM etc!
  7. whitestag

    whitestag Senior commenter

    Put simply, just don't accept any of it. Isolate them as much as you can, physically if possible, facing the wall, outside the room but in view, ignore any attention seeking and give your time to the others. If they don't do the work, so what? That's their choice, at least the others get to do their learning in peace. No break times, no treats. Send them out repeatedly and bombard management with emails, paperwork, records, logs until SLT or the head have no choice but to do something about it.

    Your responsibility is to the majority and they are entitled to 1/30th of your time. That's life.
  8. whitestag

    whitestag Senior commenter

    PS the going in your cupboard thing, sounds like a lack of respect. I don't think a good old-fashioned b*llocking would do him any harm from time to time. He sounds like he thoroughly deserves one.

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