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Dear Tom - help with classroom management badly needed.

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Jennqt, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Seconded!!
    Jen could have worked in my school - there are many like this with outrageously behaved children, zero support that teacher training can't possibly prepare you for!
    I'm only in my 2nd year at my current school, and none of the six other nqts (4 started with me, 2 this year) are still here. All saying its the behaviour that made them leave. Its only because I'm old and wise enough to realise that most of what we were old during teacher training is useless at my school. I do what I know will work for me - the opposite of the advice Jen was given.
    Our SLT will be bemoaning the lack of quality of teachers who can't cope with their kids, it can't be a problem with their kids, or support. Oh no.
    My heart goes out to Jen, and all the teachers in the same situation she was in.
  2. I disagree. The HOD was massively at fault, as were the SLT, her mentor, her teacher trainers who gave the typically useless and impractical advice that couldn't work at most schools, never mind hers.....
    The only person who doubted what happened was JamesTES - and his advice of trusting the caring, experienced people at her school and ignore advice of posters on here indicates how seriously he can be taken!!
  3. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Some students would be very grateful of an opportunity to work in silence. I can't imagine anything worse than going from lesson to lesson, being bombarded by incessant chatter and noise. ( Oh, hang on, that's a teacher's typical day, isn't it? )
    Working in silence provides an oasis of calm in a busy day; it allows people to concentrate and think. No wonder children can't sit still and work quietly; they are programmed to work in pairs, or groups and peer assess. Silence is not boring. It is utter bliss.
  4. yep a lot of the problems that lay with the poor behaviour in school with teachers[namely nqts] has little to do with the nqt and more to do with the bad unsupportive management who really don't have a clue about behaviour management. There is a common lie nqts and teachers who struggle with behaviour are told that the behaviour is because of their bad lesson plans or communication skills.... ********! If that's the case the management should upload a series of lesson plans that worked with them and the nqt can use them plans-so if the lessons are 'perfect' there should be no bad behaviour and see how quickly the management will swallow their words! Also never be told that the behaviour is down to you and to 'let things slide', I was told that by my manager and so I became nicer and let the small things slide-result the behaviour got worse. An interesting experiment would be to throw the preaching established teachers into neighbouring tough schools as new teachers to see how long they'd last!
  5. ha I love how people here make it sound so simple to get behaviour management and say to 'use the school system' or to carry out punishments-believe me easier said than done. The horrible truth is that teachers who attempt to carry out punishments and ring home are usually faced with hostility and opposition by management and are in turn blamed for the problem. It's a catch 22 situation in many schools and struggling teachers who try to take a stand and get control can usually through no fault of their own make things worse for themselves. Oftentimes struggling nqts are bullied into keeping their mouths shut and stop reporting stuff rather than receive compassion and support. The 'behaviour code' is oftentimes nothing more than paper tiger and many of the big offenders in schools are exempt from punishment and a blind eye is turned. And people wonder why so many teachers in England leave the career within the first 5 years or so.
  6. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    I've just read most of this thread and this story of one teacher's experience is heart breaking. I work as a supply teacher and know there are schools that exist just like the one Jen describes. What makes me wonder is with all the money spent on training teachers, buildings, research into education, and so forth, some of the conditions in schools are still not good. What makes me upset is the vast amount of money wasted on training teachers who leave after five years through no fault of their own. The time, the broken lives, the money - a lot ( not all) wasted.

    Jen, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I can only say how sorry I am you had to experience what you went through - I can feel your pain since I have experienced some of the same things in schools... being called a w...., a b....., ridiculed, mocked and mimicked ; but I know there are others who have experienced worse and now after a long time I am able to be a bit picky about where I go. The best schools are where the SMT are in control and support their teachers - you can sense it in the atmosphere of the schools and the children are polite and eager to learn - even for a supply teacher.

    Jen, I hope you are ok.

    Pepper xxx
  7. ''I'm sorry, but this is testicles! Sanctions are there to be used! Your SLT sounds stupidly unsupportive''

    Actually this is the case in my school too, I dissed out punishments in order to regain control but ironically got criticised by management...
  8. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    I have just re-read this thread. It reminded me of the happy times i had when I crossed swords with old Raymondo and his ilk.

    Nothing has changed in the intervening years. Useless incompetent management still beat the "interesting lessons mean no bad behaviour" drum as it is all they can offer to deflect blame to the unsupported teacher.
  9. garyconyers

    garyconyers New commenter

    "I have just re-read this thread. It reminded me of the happy times i had when I crossed swords with old Raymondo and his ilk."

    Not sure what you mean by Raymond's ilk - what he and JamesTES say to back each other up make sense when you realise that Ray posted as James when he wanted to be rude and disrupt a thread - but couldn't because he was posting under his own name!

    (I didn't work this out for myself - I was told by someone who worked it out).

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