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Dear Tom - help with classroom management badly needed.

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Jennqt, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. I think test the water with the HOD's superior first, they may be unaware of what's happening. When I took my post many years ago there was a very interesting selection of things that had been swept under the carpet by my predecessor, of which my management were completely unaware as he had been doing some serious covering of his tracks. This could also be the case at Jen's school. lord knows what her HOD is telling his management, he wouldn't be the first bad and underhand manager anyone has ever seen........he may also be rather 'pally' with her mentor which is why neither is really doing anything constructive!
  2. Sorry, last post was in response to Vehar.......it's late and has been a long one!
  3. To the OP: what do you think of your chances, if you report the incident to the head?
  4. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    I agree with others; you must see your union rep TODAY if at all possible. If your school rep is no help thenphone the union directly and they will put you in touch with your area rep.

    This is one of the most outrageous stories I've read on hear. It's actually made me feel terrible for you.

    Please don't just leave it - others will be on your side, perhaps even at your school.

    Very good luck with this.
  5. Shirley, I'm sure many accept your bona fides and welcome your attempt to be progressive and positive in this area. I'd really suggest you heed my advice of post 157 in regard to those who seek to undermine your point by attacking your integrity. Ignore them.
    As for the story being drip fed onto this thread, I have, since about half way through, been increasingly reminded that the internet provides an opportunity for fantasists and propagandists to give rein to their imagination, with a view to convincing the gullible. One cannot be certain, but that very much is what I suspect is happening here. If it seems incredible, it probably is.
  6. Oh for pity's sake.
    Even you can't have missed that everything she says is promoting a set of products available on the website she linked to. Is your bizarre grudge against almost everyone on here now blinding you to the blatantly obvious?
  7. "As for the story being drip fed onto this thread, I have, since about half way through, been increasingly reminded that the internet provides an opportunity for fantasists and propagandists to give rein to their imagination, with a view to convincing the gullible. One cannot be certain, but that very much is what I suspect is happening here. If it seems incredible, it probably is."
    Beyond satire.
  8. garyconyers

    garyconyers New commenter

    I don't doubt that the events Jennqt describe are true. They would be incredible/ unbelievable to someone who hasn't experienced real secondary schools in the UK in recent years I suppose. There are enough posters with real school experience to know it's plausible enough. Posters with the sum of at least decades of experience believe it. (What is your experience of secondary school teaching again James - LOL).
    James doesn't want to believe it so it can't be true!!
    Guess what - things are that bad for some teachers.

    https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/464363.aspx (Unsupportive SMT).

    All liars I suppose. (I accept that Jen's situation is more extreme, but not by much).
    The first real expose of behaviour I remember : 'the secret diary of a maths teacher' in 2002 (published in Private Eye) caused a bit of a storm in its day. There were doubts of his claims. I posted the contents - most teachers I spoke to recognised the incidents and empathised. See link below.


    The figures speak for themselves: about 50% of teachers leave after a few years. (Generally accepted, unable to find stats to back this up.) Why is this?
    Is teaching stressful?
    "Research by polling experts YouGov in early 2007 found that stress had led half of all teachers to consider leaving the profession. Those considering leaving cited long hours, insufficient management support, excessive workload, large class sizes and pupil indiscipline as the factors chiefly to blame for their high stress levels. " (from page 3).

    I try to ignore James's denial of what some schools are really like (often unsuccessfully) but dismissing a real young teacher's real problems just because, well, it doesn't match his expectation of what schools should be like is repugnant IMO, and needs challenging.
    There's a lot of liars and fantasists out there eh, James? Or maybe some schools are awful places for some teachers, through no fault of their own!

    (Apologies for length of post - had to get that off my chest).
  9. garyconyers

    garyconyers New commenter

    What a lot of fantasists..........
  10. Could this guy be the HOD referred to in post 166?
  11. Random175

    Random175 New commenter

    If this happened in any other workplace you would call it sexual harrassment. I agree you must contact your union and you need to involve the HT. He/she has a duty of care towards you as an employee.

  12. I wasn't going to add anything. I was angry that anyone doesnt believe what happened to me. I haven't mentioned most stuff, just the things that upset me.
    Then I realised that a few years ago I would not believe what I said could happen to a teacher. Ive gone back home and living with my mum for the moment. She was shocked at what I told her and wouldnt believe it if she didnt know me. So I dont blame James and others if they think I made it all up. Im glad they havent had the same awful time I had in their schools.
    My GP signed me off with stress after I broke down and cryed when I saw him. I was explaining why I was upset, told him stuff that had happened to me. I wont be going back to teaching but I know most schools are better than mine.
    Thanks for all the time spent helping me. Very much appreciated.
  13. Random175

    Random175 New commenter

    Really sorry to hear this Jenny. Perhaps after some TLC at home you might reconsider to continue your placement at a school which will really support you.
  14. garyconyers

    garyconyers New commenter

    Jen isn't a student teacher, Random, but an NQT.
    I'm still wondering why James dismisses what Jennqt has described. The neglect of duty of care by her school is the worst I've heard of, but not so different from incidents I've witnessed first hand.
    Eg I know for certain that a teacher was shot in the back with a BB gun, the SMT made it impossible for him to report it to the police without losing his job, SMT tried to make the teacher feel responsible for it (unsuccessfully), the culprit was in the teacher's class 2 weeks after the shooting, having served one day's exclusion and a week in isolation.
    Eg I know for certain a young teacher was told by her HOD that she was being 'unprofessional' for crying in the dept staffroom after a stressful lesson. (HOD was showing prospective students around, it made a bad impression, apparently). When I told the HOD I thought it an unreasonable thing to say I was told to mind my own business. I mentioned it to the SMT line manager and was told that the HOD was right, the teacher shouldn't take things so personally and needed to toughen up if she wanted to stay in teaching!

    I can think of many more examples of callous disregard for wellbeing of teachers in schools I know of, why is it so unbelieveable to anyone who has been in difficult secondary schools in the last decade?
    Post 29 (above) puts it better than I have. With thanks to ArchedEyebrow.
  15. Random175

    Random175 New commenter

    Gary, placement may have been the wrong word but she can still finish her induction elsewhere. People have finished NQT at our school, and they have been advised to finish elsewhere when it is clear they cannot pass with us.
  16. garyconyers

    garyconyers New commenter

    Thanks, Random. I see what you mean.

    I've seen enough NQTs emotionally and psychologically destroyed by classes with good support to think she won't ever want to return to teaching. I fear she may be one of the near-50% of new teachers who 'chicken out', never to return, after a few years.

    Even so, its probably the worst treatment of a teacher I can remember hearing about in a decade of TES posting.......
  17. Hey all,

    It's interesting to read this post.

    I'm currently on placement studying a PGDE and have recently taken many different classes for the first time, sometimes only for one lesson and at other for two lessons.

    Some good advice comes from Johnny Cash. "Walk the Line!".

    I line them up outside the door, then tell the biosterous ones to calm down before entering the room. I ask them to have a quick think of how they'd behave if the head teacher was covering the class, then I explain that this is would be the behaviour I also expect. I tell them to enter quietly, get their jotters out, then quickly get their bags off the desks.

    Seems to settle them down. This stuff will be obvious to experienced teacher's out there but it might help other who are in the same boat as me. I think I'll find this approach useful if I end up doing short term supply work

    -Lord Vader
  18. What do you do if they don't calm down?
    The fact that they have a bag and seem moderately scared of the Head seems to indicate that you work in a nice school with nice kids.
  19. Hi guys.
    Thought Id pop back and let you know how things have been for me since I left teaching. I owe a lot of you that as you spent so much time trying to help with useful advice. Thanks so much for trying to help me. I was particularly touched with the private messages some of you sent.
    I have had a complete nervous breakdown. Zero energy, lots of crying, self loathing. Hard to describe, self-loathing is wrong because I felt I was worthless. A nothing. Pointless. Weird really coz Id always been very confident, bubbly and optimistic. My friends who have been brilliant say they see me coming back to my old self now. I'm still on the anti-depressants but don't need to see a counsellor any more.
    My counsellor really helped. She helped me realise it wasn't my fault, and anyone who had to face a barrage of taunts, abuse, assaults and being belittled like I was every day, being powerless to stop it and made to feel it was all my fault would break down too.
    Ive read what I said on here and realise I didn't explain very well what it was like there. I mentioned the few things that upset me most. I didn't break down and cry in class because a boy smacked my ****, or because I was sworn at. Nor because he got away with it. Id normally take that in my stride shrug it off. It was the relentlessness of it all. The daily chipping away of any feeling of self-worth because they could say and do almost anythign to me, and did. It was merciless, and assumed to be my fault. Who could cope in that environment? I wished they'd do something big to me but its the numerous little insults and digs that got me down.
    I hope that explains why I left as I feel the need to justify it after so many people offered so much help and support.
    Funny thing is I know I can be a good teacher. I had two placements as a student teacher and was told by teachers in both schools I was a natural, they'd happily employ me. These were both considered tough schools, but I had no major problems with behaviour. That's what frustrates me most, though all my mates from teacher training say they struggled far more as NQTs thann students. Behaviour is worse for all of them, but they've got through and most still teach. I must have been unlucky at my NQT school.
    I've babbled on and written more than I thought I would. Sorry for offloading, but thanks to all the advice and support offered that I gratefully received. Im not going into teaching again, and wont post on here, but I'll be okay.
    Oh - the people who said I made all this up? Who the hell are you to call me a liar! I know what happened to me, I still have the mental scars to prove it. Id slap you if I saw you, or worse get you a job in my old school!

  20. I have just read through the entire thread and I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you had to go through this. I hope you manage to find the confidence to find a job you love. It beggars belief that schools exist like that. Good luck Jenny x

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