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Dear Tom: Assulted teachers. I am one of them. Can you help please.

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by xx2011, May 20, 2011.

  1. I am a secondary school teacher that has been assaulted several times, the first was really bad, but I had a very supportive school that did all they could to make me feel safe in the work place after. The worst was the last one hurt me bad physically and mentally. I have been undergoing treatment for 10 months; the physical injuries are healing but taking ages for the post tramatic stress to heal. I am not good. I with never teach again.
    Part of my treatment is cbt theropy,
    There is a risk at any time someone could get hurt, The theropist wants me to be able to answer these questions.....below.... (what is the % likely hood that I could be assaulted by a teenager again.)
    1) The total number of teachers in the uk? 2) Total number of pupils in a secondary school?
    3) Total number of assaults on teachers? 4) What was the gender of the perpertrator?
    5) Number of teachers who got hurt more than once? 6) Were they reported to the police?
    Thanks to anyone been able to answer these questions. ....from X hurt teacher & cbt Theropist
  2. Please excuse the spelling error in the title, I didn't like write this article.
  3. Sorry to hear the situation you've been through. I would imagine that either your union rep or OH may have some up to date information on this, have you asked them?
  4. Try contacting the Teacher Support Network, they quite often post articles about statistics of this type and might be able to answer those questions.
  5. Sorry to hear you have had so much trouble.
    Is it be rude of me to ask what is being done about the school in question?
  6. Thanks for the replys.

    Mr Leonard , the school just simply got rid of me becasue I couldn't cope after.
    I was long term supply teacher. The school didn't support me at all, my career is
    totally over I have no idea where to go next. i keep getting too close to doing something
    stupid several times. The police couldn't even charge him, it was my word against him and a
    class of pupils, which supported their friend of cause, nothing happened to him and nothing
    happened to the school yet as far as i now. thanks
  7. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

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